Delta Burke Weight Loss

Delta Burke Weight Loss 2024

Who is Delta Burke?

Delta is a great actress, a very funny comedian, film producer, author, and winner of several awards throughout her long career. 

She was born in Orlando, Florida, to a single mom, Jean. During early her life her mother got married to an Orlando realtor Federick Burke. Delta Burke also had young siblings and they are a brother Jonathan and a sister Jennifer.

She once said that she has never met her biological dad.

She went to Colonial High School and finished in 1974. During her education, she was decorated with “most likely to succeed” senior a great honour.

In 1974, she won the crown at the Miss Florida contest. Interestingly, she was at the time the youngest Miss Florida titleholder ever. 

But perhaps more importantly she then won a scholarship from the Miss America Foundation. With this scholarship she was able  to begin a study program that lasted for two years at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.  The really was a big success and the start of a great part of her life.

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In 1987, Burke had a guest appearance in the detective series “Simon & Simon” and it was here she met Gerald McRaney, and so their fantastic love story began.

She got married to her heartthrob actor Gerald Lee McRaney on the 28th of May, 1989 .

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How much does Delta Burke weigh?

It was reported that the heaviest she weighed was 220 pounds. Apparently it forced her to quit her work for some time. But by working hard work and also by following a proper exercise and diet she managed to cut down nearly 65 pounds weight. Now her weight is 150 pounds.

She said when I was only about 20 years old she followed various diets to be the slimmer and sexiest actress around.  Also this was later said to be one of the main reasons for her overweight gain.

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Delta Burke weight loss issue and history

Since the early 1990s, the star has caught alot of media attention because of her weight. 

Even in her pageant days in the early 1970s, she had battled with depression, eating disorder and excessive weight.  Sadly but not surprisingly, these have opened her to criticism that is just not necessary. 

One of her show episodes also had come up with an idea that addresses her weight, which was titled, They Shoot Fat Women, Don’t They? – just not necessary.  In the episode, Suzanne Sugarbaker went for her 15-year high school reunion. 

She felt down and her emotions were affected because of degrading and ridiculous comments that she heard from people concerning her weight.  But with true talent and spectacular performance for her role in the episode, she got her first Emmy nomination as the Best Actress. Also, a year after, she received another nomination.

The weight issue continued to taunt her as she ended the show at 215 pounds. This obesity also caused her anxiety, worries, and pressure to burn unnecessary fat. It reportedly also led to Type 2 diabetes. Burke then stated that she was alarmed because none of her family members has it. She later found out that this Type 2 is not inherited as much as created. But then, her supportive husband stood by her and encouraged her and the rest is history as they say.

Delta is managing her diabetes well and has also lost 65 pounds. This weight issue propelled her to write her book, Eve Wasn’t A Size 6 and Neither Am I. This autobiography, memoir, and self-help book aided her to unashamedly reveal her views on life, makeup, fashion, and how she manages herself to hype her line of clothing. The book also inspires other women who are struggling with a weight issue to embrace and love themselves more.

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Delta Burke Weight Loss Journey

As we all know, Delta was so famous after casting Suzanne Sugarbaker. At that time, Delta wanted to work more & give something special to her fans.

But unfortunately,  Delta had health issues from her early days so that she was getting overweight day by day. For her overweight, she even did not have the opportunity to perform for another big series like Designing Women.

She was moving closer to depression day by day. Suddenly, she lost her beloved pet.

She also had some tough family issues

her mother has infected by breast cancer

she lost her grandmother in the same year 1998.

However, somehow she managed to boost herself and decided to build her career again.

She decided to develop a clothing brand where she will design and promote plus-size clothes for women.

However she did not give up and she decided, this time, she will work harder and will maintain her good food habits. 

After hearing some warnings from her doctor Delta was more regular in the gym and she was able to win,

What is Delta Burke doing now?

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Delta Burke now operates a design institute known as Delta Burke Design. It has its headquarters in New York. 

Always remembered is her first television appearance in 1974 when she was honored with an invitation to the show, Bozo the Clown.

Burke made her film debut with a small position that she was not credited for in the movie, Zuma Beach. 

She appeared The Chisholms, in the early 1980s where she assumed a supporting role. 

Her first major acting breakthrough was in 1982, where she played the role of Kathleen Beck in the sequence, Filthy Rich. She has depicted her character for fifteen episodes.

Moreover, she had a great career turn in 1986 as that was when she landed a major role in Designing Women.

What is Delta Burke Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Delta Burke net worth is estimated at $3 million as of 2019.

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