Greekgodx Weight Loss

Greekgodx Weight Loss

The Youtuber, British gamer, and Twitch star, Dimitri Antonatos, also known as Greekgodx, made a headline for his 70 lb weight loss that ultimately shocked everyone. He proudly showed off his weight from 369.4 pounds to around 299.2 pounds this time.

Greekgodx got the stream name that was supposedly a joke for the morbidly obese Twitch streamers like him and it was repeated on Twitter #greekgodx weight loss.  It is believed he did not take diet pills. Mizkit Twitch. is another name also worth following if you are into twitch. He was once a proud chubby, flubber guy who sees no problems with the condition that he is in, that is why he had his fame in the streaming world. Reddit even had a post or two on the transformed look and his body transformation, mental health, muscle energy clap, and the huge strides he has made.

He peaked at 369.4 pounds of his weight, which is obviously at the obese level already. He started his weight loss journey in the year 2018 and had amazing changes in just a year.

Let us see how he with determination loses weight in a span of a year.

He is one of the top 10 Twitch Streamers

Sage Tea is also a great helper for getting those pounds down.

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How Did Greekgodx Lose So Much Weight?

How Much Weight Did Greekgodx Lose?

Starting from 369.5 pounds of weight must have been difficult for him already. So, he started his weight loss routine by working out and having a healthy, balanced diet and resulted in a 299.2 pounds result in just a span of a year and said he has a target of 250 pounds for his body weight.

Back in April 2018, the twitch streamer finally gets to his point of having enough of his unhealthy lifestyle after listening to suggestions from his fans to get rid of the excessive body fat that he is carrying.

His uploaded videos on Youtube clearly shows how he constantly worked for his weight loss by doing exercises such as spending several minutes on the treadmill and get into a ketogenic diet, a high protein, and low carb diet.

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What Are Greekgodx Secrets to Weight Loss?

If you are curious and would like to follow what Dimitri James weight loss process is, check this out.

Greekgodx flexes insane weight loss progress live on Mizkif’s stream …

The British streamer started at almost 400 pounds, and now it looks like he’s nearly halved his starting weight.

Greekgodx strictly followed a Keto diet maybe some huge portions?

This means greekgodx started in getting rid of carbohydrate intake in his meals and replacing fats instead. In that way, it will result in a Ketonesis state in the metabolism, making the fat content as the 90% supplier of calories in the body. This way of dieting can help you lose weight since the body produces energy for you to move around and efficiently loses fats. So, instead of relying on sugar that comes from carbohydrates such as some legumes, rice, grains, etc), the liver produces ketone bodies for fuelling up the body.

For his diet, he disciplines himself by only eating a good amount of meat (chicken, pork, fish, beef), and replaces his rice or carbohydrate intake by vegetables, especially the green leafy vegetables like cabbages, broccoli, and cauliflower.

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  1. He is mindful on what he eats.

He suggests for everyone who is going through the same struggle like him to know what you consume. It is important to look at what you consume, how much you consume and the way you are consuming it. Moderation to everything you eat or drink is the key to losing weight. If you do not want to change your diet, at least lower the portion of your food intake. For example, if you love 2 pieces of double cheeseburger and a large cup of soda, make it into a 1 piece of double cheeseburger and a medium cup of soda instead. It works!

Since Greekgodx had a low sugar level, it was not a struggle for him to avoid the sweetened drinks. However, he advised that if you struggle in this area, train your mind to always drink your water. For him, if you are overweight, it is better to drink water than any sweetened drinks. 

  1. Keeps himself active.

By keeping yourself active, it means keeping yourself moving physically in order to lose weight and tighten up your muscles. Greekgodx did his own way of working out through a treadmill exercise. That would be a great solution if you do not love going outdoors or gym sessions. 

But if you are an outgoing type of person, find something that you enjoy physically. Like going biking with friends, hiking in the mountains, trekking by the river, enrolling in dance or yoga sessions, lifting weights in your own home, or you can just simply walk around your village for a daily exercise. In that way, you could effectively enjoy your weight loss journey.

Greekgodx has been so vocal about his weight loss. In fact, he has been uploading and streaming videos and photos of himself while doing his exercises. He has also been chatting with his fans and followers regarding how he changed his diet, lifestyle, and recipes.

Greekgodx Weight Loss Reddit

Greekgodx Weight Loss Reddit  some more youthful men hesitated and stared at the food on Li Xiaoyangs hand, but none of them were willing to try to eat it.

Sound familiar there is lots more on reddit, even is naan bread good for weight loss. – which is quite strange for me as it is full of carbohydrates.

But then that is Reddit for you – strange and lets just leave it at that.

More About Greekgodx

Greekgodx is a famous game streamer and a social media influencer who reportedly has a net worth of $250,000. He has been very private about his family and love life since he wants his career to be focused on himself as a professional Twitch streamer. 

Dimitri greekgodx started out his career in 2011 as a Youtuber, Twitch Streamer and Gamer. He reach the point of fame when he began playing and streaming League of Legends which millions of followers were amazed by his performance. 

It has been almost a decade when he started streaming different genre of videos that captured attention of several fans across  the world. Until then, he has grown into a professional and excellent Twitch Streamer that  prompts him to do his own Youtube videos with more than 250,000 subscribers and millions of views.

He started out losing his weight in 2018 with the big help of his fans that inspired him to do it. That is the reason why he constantly uploads many updates regarding his weight loss journey to have interactions with his followers.


The weight loss suggestions and tips that we have written here are based on Greekgodx’ weight loss. The above suggestions might work for him and not for you. So, it is important to consult your own health professional before you start your own journey.

Also, ketogenic diet is not recommended for everyone especially with those who have a serious health condition. 

Above all else, your dedication, discipline, perseverance, and hard work in losing weight are all it takes for you to succeed. 

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