Kenan Thompson Weight Loss

How Did Kenan Thompsons Weight Loss Happen?

Kenan Thompson is an American actor and comedian who is also known for his Saturday Night Live show appearances for numerous seasons and several teen programs before.

His weight loss journey gives so much interest to his followers since he was always known as the funny big guy on television and it never came to his mind to lose weight before until he somehow managed it.

Now, we will share with you how Kenan Thompson managed to lose weight.

Many are asking if Kenan took any diet pills or weight loss supplements?

Did he have a weight loss diet plan?

Did he go through a weight loss surgery?

Did he have regular exercise?

Let’s see!

How Did Kenan Thompson lose weight?

In an interview on The Wendy William Show back in 2018, Kenan Thompson revealed that he doesn’t really have any weight loss plans or took any diet pills, or undergo any weight loss surgery.

He is continually losing weight all throughout the years and doesn’t have any deadline for it. Unlike any Hollywood celebrities, Kenan didn’t hire any personal fitness trainer and chef. 

He even jokingly said that he still needs a “nice stretch” on his pants and not wanting any skinny jeans since it fits so tight on his body. 

Also, reports have been saying that part of his daily routine is doing regular exercises for weight loss such as:

  • lunges
  • pushups
  • dumbbell rows
  • sit-ups
  • burpees
  • planks
  • squats

How much weight did Kenan Thompson lose?

As he continues to lose weight, he didn’t reveal how much had lost weight. It’s like he just went through a weight loss journey without any pressure on it. He just goes through as much as he wants and as long as he is physically healthy.

He said in an interview in The Wendy Williams Show about how much he lost weight and said, “I don’t really know… It’s not like I am planning on it necessarily. I just made some changes that have caused it. I cut out any sugars and stuff like that.” He added, “I am paying more attention closer to my rings and watch and my babies. I wanna be here for my babies.”

The changes he made were more into his eating habits to achieve weight loss. He admitted he grew up to be a “soda kid”. But Kenan Thompson has finally broken this lifestyle by cutting out every soda and got rid of any sweets and carbs like cake, bread, sweetened juices, and other pastries and drinks.

kenan thompsons wife

What is Kenan Thomspon’s net worth?

Reportedly, Thompson has a net worth of $11 million. He was already a teen star at age fifteen and was an original cast in Nickelodeon’s All That, a sketch comedy series. His acting career shines more when he began appearing in a school play entitle The Gingerbread Duck. 

He also went on doing several star films like The Mighty Ducks, MyBoss’ Daughter, Kenan and Kel, Sit Down, Shut Up, and more.

Aside from his weight loss journey, Kenan Thompson’s fans were also amazed by how he stayed the longest in the Saturday Night Live television series. 16 seasons were quite long, right? It runs from 2003 to the present.

In his acting career, he’s been labeled as a sketch-comedy savant. 

Saturday Night Live executive producer Lorne Michaels revealed how he sees Michael Thompson as an actor. “He’s a master in that studio…He knows the best way to do just about everything.”

Even his broken arm accident was not a hindrance in performing great in the show. To made a way for it, he strategically propped his clothed, fractured arm on his waist and delivered his lines that no one magically noticed. 

SNL’s alum Bill Hader proudly says how he relied on Kenan Thompson during the series. “I would point to Kenan Thompson as the performer that I would watch and hope to attain that kind of confidence and ease and fun when he was performing. He was like the safety net”

Kenan Thompson has always been praised for his working ethics and professionalism in the television series. Even on having his accidents, he will still make sure he knows everything before performing – camera positions, timing, scripts, and actions.

Where does Kenan Thompson live now?

kenan thomsons house

Kenan Thompson is happily living with his family in Tampa, Florida, United States. In 2013, he married the love of his life, Christina Evangeline. He was always been private about his personal life and made sure it is out from the headlines.

But he revealed that he met his wife through a talent manager, Danny Estrada. Christina Evangeline was a former model and actress, and now an interior designer. The couple was reportedly dating for several years before tying the knot. Now, they have two beautiful daughters Georgia Marie Thompson born on June 20, 2014 and Gianna Michele Thompson born on July 31, 2018.

In many interviews, Kenan Thompson has proudly said how amazing it is to experience a miracle by being a parent. The Emmy winner said his children are representations of innocence, joy, and happiness.

After a decade of marriage, Kenan and Christina have kept their personal life private and only share some sweet moments of their family through their social media accounts.

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