Maqui Berry Powder: The Newest Superfruit with Proven Health Benefits

What is the best superfood do you add to Up Your Smoothie Game?

The Proven Benefits of Maqui Berry Powder

I know practically everyone answer blueberries, blackberries, black currants, acai , yes they are very good for health also high in antioxidants . But do you know there’s a new superfood vying for star of the juice cleanse, and it’s called the maqui berry (Aristotelia chilensis).

With 4x higher antioxident than blueberry and 2x than aci berry Maqui Berry Powder is being hailed as “THE SUPERFRUIT” of superfood. It tops all other berries previously touted for being exceedingly high in antioxidants. This means the health benefits are off the charts.

Maqui berry powder is the newest Chilean superfood packs a powerful antioxidant punch, vitamins & minerals is the super-healthy smoothie Ingredients for Weight Loss, but you might have trouble finding What does a Maqui berry taste like ? What is maqui berry powder? how to use it , health benefits & side effects & obviously where to buy best maqui berry powder which is Organic.

If you trying to get an answer of any of these questions which I mention in this post will surely worth reading.

A Little History and where does it come from?

The Maqui Berry (Aristotelia chilensis) comes from Chile and has been used by the Mapuche tribe for hundreds of years. It is a berry with magical and medicinal properties, considered a sacred plant by the people who use it locally.

Thanks to the harsh climatic conditions, where theses berries grow wild, they have developed high levels of phenolic compounds to ensure its survival. Anthocyanins are produced by plants for self-protection against, sun, irradiation, diseases, and biological enemies.

Scientifically it has been proven that this berry tops all berries in its antioxidant properties. It has been hailed as the No.1 berry to eat for your health.

Fortunately, these antioxidants are preserved in maqui berry powder, so it is very beneficial to supplement your diet with this amazing berry.

Now back to the benefits of this amazing wild Maqui Powder

Quoting directly from the Maqui Research carried out at the Maqui Research at Universidad Austral de Chile and directed by Drs Burgos and Hancke (source), Maqui berries have properties that may:

  • “Support healthy blood sugar levels
  • Act as an anti-inflammatory 
  • Boost immune system
  • Neutralize enzymes that destroy connective tissue, preventing oxidants from damaging connective tissue, and repairing
  • damaged proteins in the blood-vessel walls.
  • Lighten allergic reactions and increase capillary permeability.
  • Promote cardiovascular health by preventing oxidation of low-density lipoproteins (LDL), and protecting blood vessels wall from oxidative damage.
  • Maintain small blood vessel integrity by stabilizing capillary walls.
  • May improve eyesight “

Off the Chart Antioxidant Levels

This means Maqui Berries contain an excessive amount of polyphenols and antioxidants (source) like flavanols, anthocyanins and delphinidins.

With the many properties found in these specific polyphenols the Maqui berry and maqui berry powder may reverse the signs of aging by increasing blood flow all over body, which allows more oxygen to reach cells, thus reducing inflammatory conditions that gather at infection sites in the body and cause painful conditions.

maqui powder benefits

Can Aid in Respiratory Conditions

Respiratory diseases include conditions like asthma, tuberculosis, pneumonia and cystic fibrosis.

The results of a study (source) published in March 2015, showed that maqui berry extract neutralized pulmonary oxidative stress and normalized hydrogen peroxide and IL-6 concentrations.

This means giving up smoking and taking maqui berry powder can actually reverse damage caused by cigarette smoke and other pollutants.

Boosts Immune System: Longevity and Anti Aging

Bioflavonoids in Maqui Berry Powder (source) act as powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radicals. This in turn allows the body to optimize its’ functions by supplying more oxygen to the cells, improving circulation. This means toxins get moved out efficiently and vitamins and minerals from wholesome foods can be properly assimilated, absorbed and utilized.

Boosting your immune system prevents you from getting sick. You have more energy which means you perform at higher levels, enjoying more from everything you do! Healthy cells stay younger for longer.

A strong, well functioning immune system means you are making sure you take in fresh fruit and vegetables a soften as possible and supplementing with top shelf brands that produce, ethically sound, environmentally friendly powders from sustainable sources, to supplement your wholefood diet.

Anti Viral, Anti Fungal, Anti Bacterial, Anti Microbial and PRO health!

High levels of delphinidins and anthocyanins in Maqui berries and maqui berry powders mean that your body can fight infections on all levels. Staving off colds and flu or boosting brain power and memory.

Ensures healthy digestion by increasing gut flora and restoring cells to a healthy germ free state, the antioxidants in these berries are extremely effective thanks to naturally occurring *high levels of phytonutrients.

Lowers Bad Cholesterol – Protecting the Heart

Delphinidins, the antioxidants in maqui berry powder, lower fats in blood. This in turn allows blood to become thinner and prevents plaque build up on artery walls.

This reduces the risk of atherosclerosis (source), which is a hardening of the veins and can lead to heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases.

Reduces Inflammation: 

Cancer is a result of cells being corrupted and unable to perform their functions. Inflammation is the symptom of many conditions in the body when it is not functioning optimally.

Free radicals run rampant and the body cannot fight off infections, inflammation sets in and eventually certain cancers can present. Adding a super powerful, antioxidant rich, nutrient dense supplement to your daily diet can prevent diseases in later life.

how to use maqui berry powder (daily dosage)

The antioxidant rich Organic Maqui Berry powder measured almost 50% higher in antioxidants than fresh berries! Fresh they measure 138mg per 100 grams of anthocyanins but freeze dried and made into powder, they contain 212mg per 100 grams.

This is one fruit that is actually more beneficial in powder form!

The ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value of Maqui berries is over 27 600 per 100g. Compare that to a value of 16 700 for Acai berries, the previous berry at No.1.

where to buy maqui berry?

If you live in the US , you will likely have trouble finding fresh and frozen wild maqui berries in your local food store, because it is not a commonly cultivated plant yet but, the good news is you can find lots of brands offer maqui products like maqui powder, frozen maqui berries, and even maqui juice. But before rushing off to buy the first maqui berry powder you should know how to pick the best one, so I’ve compiled review of 10 Maqui Berry Powders brands by testing them on various parameters like strength, flavor, grittiness, price, packaging and quality, they are;

Feel Good Organic Maqui Powder

Check price on Amazon

Organic Maqui Powder – 4 o-z Resealable Bag – 100% Raw From Chile – by Feel Good Organics.

This Organic Maqui Powder promises to keep skin healthy, aid weight loss, slow aging and boost immunity. It is a good price. You get 37 servings in 4 oz.

What I like

  • Is 100% Certified USDA Organic
  • Was harvested in Patagonia (a nutrient dense origin)
  • Offers a Money Back Guarantee
  • Is Non GMO
  • Is Gluten Free
  • Is Vegan
  • comes in 2 oz and 4 oz resealable pouches
  • is 100% raw and freeze dried

What I don’t Like 

  • The only problem with this product is that it doesn’t carry a warning advising pregnant or breast feeding woman to practice caution. It also doesn’t say whether it was packed in a facility where nuts were handled.

Kiva Organic Maqui Berry Powder

Check price on Amazon

This was slightly pricier than the Feel Good brand but it had a slightly tarter flavor and so you needed a bit less per serving. You get 57 servings from 4 oz. It also boasts being.

It is from Chile but packed in States. This brand  promotes healthy weight loss, improved cardiovascular health. Claims to be high in potassium, iron, vitamins C and A. Will boost immune functions.

What I like

  • Raw
  • Vegan
  • Non GMO
  • Freeze Dried

What I don’t Like 

  • The only problem with this product is that it doesn’t carry a warning advising pregnant or breast feeding woman to practice caution. It also doesn’t say whether it was packed in a facility where nuts were handled

Terrasoul Organic Maqui Berry Powder

Check price on Amazon

This brand is the most popular, highest selling brand at the moment (although i actually prefer the Isla Natura myself) People who tried it said it was less gritty than other brands.

It comes in 4 or 8 oz resealable pouches. Reasonably priced.

What I like

  • certified organic from the USDA
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO
  • Raw
  • Gluten Free
  • Fair Trade
  • Nutrient Dense

What I don’t Like 

  • One possible con is that the powder gets transported to the USA and packed here and not in Chile. So is it totally Fair Trade? It is the most popular brand though so the taste outweighs this notion. And it isn’t advertised as a Fair Trade company anyway.

100% Organic Premium Maqui Berry Powder

Check price on Amazon

This is my personal favorite. It is the smoothest of all the brands but still contains crazy high amounts of anthocyanins and delphinidins.

I like this brand best because it is picked, produced and packaged in Chile. So buying this brand supports the local economy and makes it a good fair trade product.

It is wild-harvested in Patagonia, ensuring berries are nutrient-dense. They promote their product as a great aid for weight loss and nature’s most powerful antioxidant to date.

  • You get 3 months supply for $35.00! Or you can buy a smaller size for $18.00 (4 oz)

What I like

  • Boosts energy
  • 100% Fruit
  • No Additives
  • Packed with Antioxidants

What I don’t Like 

  • One possible con is that it doesn’t come in a resealable pouch. But it is 100% Chilean.

Go Nutra Organic Maqui Berry Powder Freeze Dried

Check Price on Amazon

This is the other No.1 choice purely because this is a bulk buy.

Perfect for a family of 4 or more. It is also great for people who run little juice and smoothie bars, or who are part of a social yoga or fitness group.

There is enough product in this for a whole class of 15 to have smoothies 2 times a week, for 10 weeks!

What I like?

  • 100% Fruit, no additives and fillers
  • Non GMO
  • A Product of Chile
  • Freeze Dried
  • CCOF and USDA organic certification

What I don’t Like?

  • This product is quite expensive .

Final words

Choose your product based on your specific needs. The bulk pack will not be good choice if you are single or only going to use it every now and then. Buy it if you plan to use for the whole family, everyday.

If you are particular about bits, go for the smoother Isla Natura which has been deseeded.   

If you want a power house smoothie to boost your energy and your immunity the choice is yours. Kiva, Feel Good and Terrasoul have all had good reviews and all offer a quality powder in convenient resealable pouches.

The only concern with this product is that it doesn’t carry a warning advising pregnant or breastfeeding woman to practice caution or whether nuts get handled in the same facility.

maqui berry powder side effects

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have an allergy to berries, avoid taking maqui berry.

If you suffer from berry allergies Maqui Berries may cause reactions.

Check for products that may contain fillers and additives as these can react with prescribed medications or make them unsuitable for diabetics.

Always read the labels on any supplements you buy.

maqui berry powder smoothie

Image credit : Instagram @kivahealthfood, @paumarchantc

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