Courtney Cox Weight Loss

Courtney Cox Weight Loss in 2024

Thanks to the evergreen popularity of Friends, Courteney Cox is seen by us all as still in her 30s, and trim chef of the character Monica, who never gained an ounce. Lots of people say it is because she was once called Fat Monica. But now in her 50s, she looks the same.

Courteney Cox recently told the Los Angeles Times, “Jennifer and Lisa [Kudrow] and I ate lunch together every single day for 10 years.”We always had the same thing – a Cobb salad. Maybe eating salads helps keep her trim and down on the pounds.

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But let’s find out more.

Courteney Cox is well-known for her toned body, killer abs, and vibrant appearance. The former Friends and Cougar Town actress has really maintained a youthful physique even with her busy lifestyle, which includes taking care of her 9-year-old daughter.

She can partially say thanks to her trainer, Michelle Lovitt, who assist in keeping her on target and addressing her trouble spots by focusing on strength training. The other half comes from within herself she is known as a reasonably strict dieter. She has even been known to undertake low or no-carb diets.

slim freinds star

While we might like to dream we might be a successful actor like Cox, we can wake up with a body like hers. Here are a few tips to help get you started.

Top 10 Things Courteney Cox Does To Keep Slim

  • Working Out With Pal, Jennifer Aniston While On Vacation
  • Surfing
  • Staying Hydrated
  • Walking For ALS
  • Celery Juicing
  • Playing Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Post-Gym
  • Staying Active
  • Home Cooked Meal
  • Spinning
  • Bikini Ready

Courtney Cox is Always in the Mood for Love – Does Love keep you slim?

Cox also once told New Beauty magazine that for lunch she eats chicken salad, with a lean protein like fish, chicken or steak, and vegetables for dinner. 

Listen well to these tips from Michelle Lovitt  Hollywood amazing personal trainer of Courteney Cox and melt away about 2 percent of body fat in two to three (very active) weeks. 

Interval train five days a week for a half-hour with a heart-rate monitor   working 80 percent of maximum heart rate during sprints and never dipping below 60 percent during “rest.” And also focusing on the lower body- Well if you can do that and eat a cobb salad – I say go for it.

In Finishing

Courtney Cox looks amazing in 2021 and with her attitude and energy she will tech us all how to lose weight and stay positive.

Back in March, Courteney revealed that, despite starring as Monica Geller in Friends for 10 years, she remembers very little about the show. So she’s decided to use her newfound free time to watch the sitcom and find out what all the fuss was about.

Well, in a new interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Courteney has given an update on her binge-watching, revealing she’s watched enough to know the show is “really good” as well as the episodes she’s enjoyed the most.

I say let’s try it and have a cobb chicken salad diet plan with lots of exercise.

She Has a New Motto”Getting older is not the easiest thing,” the Friends co-star, said to Bear Grylls, opening up about reported plastic surgery. “There’s a pressure to maintain your looks, being a woman in this business.

See the diet control from Kirsten Vangsness.

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