Ozonated Olive Oil Benefits: Just What Your Skin is Looking For

The itching can drive you crazy. Red, patchy areas of skin can be unsightly and hard to cover, especially during the summer months when the sun demands you uncover even more. You shake your head at the thickened, scaly skin that looks like it will never heal. 

Lotions, creams, and harsh medications with dangerous side effects, topical steroids: you’ve tried them all. The flare-ups continue.

If you battle with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, this is an all-too familiar scene. You may even feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. Here’s a question for you: are you ready for a natural alternative?

If the answer is yes, you need to know about ozonated olive oil.

What is Ozonated Olive Oil and What are the Benefits

What is ozonated olive oil?

First things first, let’s discuss the “ozonated” part. What we’re really talking about is O3, or ozone, a gaseous substance in Earth’s ozone layer that helps to protect us against harmful UV radiation. Ozone has a distinct smell to it, often being described as similar to chlorine or the almost electrical-like odor in the air during a thunderstorm.(1)

Fun fact: the electrical activity present during a lightening strike actually produces ozone, which is why that memorable odor is present during a storm. (2)

Not only is it protecting against UV radiation, but ozone also acts as an oxidizing agent, meaning it takes electrons away from other molecular substances.

Have you ever seen rust on a chain-link fence?

The rust you see is the result of an oxidation reaction you can’t see. In a similar fashion, ozone can disrupt the function of normal cells, as well as things like bacteria, viruses, and fungi, causing their death.(3)

Since ozone is such a powerful substance, it is considered dangerous in large quantities. Studies show that ozone can actually remove antioxidants from tissues and cause inflammation as well as damage the respiratory tract if inhaled (think of smog).(4)

Researchers have found, however, that in small doses, especially when combined with oil, ozone can have profound healing effects.

Why use ozonated oil on your skin?

Unfortunately, many people suffer skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, and eczema. Diabetes rates are continuing to skyrocket and diabetic wounds generally do not heal well making those people prone to infections. An invaluable asset when treating these conditions is ozonated olive oil.

The use of ozonated oil is of particular interest for two main reasons:

  • The oxidative effects of the ozone can help rid the area of any infectious material like bacteria.
  • By using it, oxygen (O2) is applied to the affected area, which stimulates healing by promoting the growth of new tissue, collagen, and a proper blood supply.(5)

Amazing Benefits of Ozonated Olive Oil for Skin & health

ozonated oil treat Acne, eczema, psoriasis

Olive oil acts to stabilize ozone so that it can be absorbed into the skin. As it cleanses the area of bacteria, most noteworthy, it also stimulates the growth of new, normal skin cells.  Meanwhile, olive oil moisturizes the skin. It truly is a winning combination.

Diabetic ulcers, bed sores, burns

Once these wounds form, it is very important that they heal as quickly as possible. Open wounds can lead to infection and therefore potentially death in some people.

Looking for a treatment plan? 

Ozonated oil wins again!  Not only does it decrease the number of germs present, it also stimulates healing and does it in record time.(6)

Naturally Boost Collagen Production

The most abundant protein in the body, collagen is necessary to provide structure to our skin. Ozone stimulates the production of the very cells that create collagen. Basically, it’s a great option you can use to boost collagen production, besides this I use African black soap or Collagen masks for the same.

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Enable Skin Cells To Regenerate

Ozone stimulates the production of the cells that make up our skin, therefore completing the healing process like tamanu oil.

Increase Blood Circulation To The Face

Ozone stimulates the production of new blood vessels that feed the deep layers of our skin while also nourishing the outer layer.

Decreased Wound Healing Time

The beautiful part of all of this: ozonated oils do all of this work while moisturizing the body safely and efficiently.

Treating Athlete’s Foot

Forgetting to wear shower shoes at the gym is a sure-fire way to contract athlete’s foot, the itchy, burning fungal infection that makes its home in between your toes. There’s no need for the standard creams and sprays at the drug store. Scientists discovered that ozonated sunflower oil applied just twice a day for six weeks can cure athlete’s foot without side effects or recurrence!

Natural Treatment For Periodontal Disease

Periodonitis, or gum disease, causes the gums to be chronically red and inflamed. Gum tissue will gradually recede away from teeth, and as bone loss increases the teeth will become loose. A 2012 study showed that using ozonated olive oil in addition to other dental treatments not only improved the patient’s condition, but also decreased the amount of bacteria in the mouth, all with no side effects.

Can Treat Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Sexually transmitted infections like herpes, gonorrhea, HPV and the like continue to be a plague on society. Traditional ozone therapy has been used to stop the recurrence of herpes. More research is necessary, but ozonated water as well as oil may become standard treatment for STDs.

History of ozone therapy

Knowledge of ozone’s ability to kill harmful substances dates back over a hundred years, and its use as a disinfectant is well documented. As early as World War I, doctors treated German soldiers suffering from gangrene with gaseous O3. The treatment of cavities, water disinfection, healing of skin ulcers and numerous other situations are all due to the use of ozone.(7)

To reiterate, while ozone can cause damage to harmful things like viruses and bacteria, it can also damage normal cells. Small doses in a stable form allow ozone to be used safely. This is best achieved by injecting ozone into an unsaturated fat like olive oil.

How is ozonated oil made?

The first material needed to create ozone is pure 100% medical grade oxygen. Since we breathe in oxygen, it may seem like any air should suffice. But simply using room air is not appropriate since other substances like nitrogen are present in normal air, and using it in this process could create other substances that are toxic to humans.(8) Second, the oxygen, or O2 is pumped through an ozone generator.

There are several different types of ozone generators. Nikola Tesla received the first patent for an ozone generator in 1896.(9) The two main types commonly used today are corona discharge generators and cold plasma ozone generators. Which generator is best? 

Well that’s a slightly controversial matter.

While some may be adamant that cold plasma is best (even without adequate explanation as to why), others proclaim that corona is better since it produces a better concentration of ozone.

What you need to know:

  • Because corona generators are popular, in abundance, and are efficient at producing therapeutic grade ozone, there’s a high likelihood the company you purchase from is using one.
  • If you find data indicating one type is better than another, it’s possible makers of that type of generator produced it.
  • In other words, rather than worrying about the generator, focus on the ingredients used.

Unsaturated fats are necessary to create ozonated oil because of their chemical structure and the fact that ozone can dissolve in it fairly easily. Although other unsaturated fats like sunflower oil can be used, olive oil is the oil of choice when creating ozonated oil. Olive oil is not only readily available, but ozone can remain active in the oil for up to two years when stored at temperatures around 4o C or 39.2o F.9

What are the side effects?

While it is well documented that ozone can have harmful effects on tissues in large doses or when being inhaled, there is little evidence that small doses – like those present in ozonated oil – are harmful. In fact, research showing its usefulness in treating a myriad of conditions is almost as abundant as olives on a tree!

Choosing quality ozonated olive oil is important

  • Choose oil that is clear or transparent in appearance. The more ozone that it contains, the lighter in color it will be.
  • Next, make sure the oil is viscous, almost paste-like, and not runny like normal olive oil
  • Ozonated oil should be stored in dark glass containers (like this one). Like all unsaturated fats, olive oil is sensitive to heat and light, which can degrade the oil and cause rancidity.
  • Ozone has a distinct odor, often described as being similar to chlorine or the scent of a coming storm. A rain scent may be fine, but no one wants to slather chlorine-scented oil on his or her body. While some companies may add fragrances to their oil, please be aware that it may affect the color and therefore transparency of the oil.  That doesn’t necessarily mean the oil was not properly ozonated.
  • While it is perfectly okay to have ozonated olive oil at room temperature, it is best kept refrigerated so that it will last as long as possible.  Look for brands that ship their products cold.
  • Last but not least, remember this: always research the brand you’re interested in before buying it.

Where can you buy ozonated olive oil?

Check out products like 02-Zap from Global Healing Center or PurO3 Ozonated Olive Oil, an activated oxygen skin care line. Be aware that there are DIYers out there. If you do choose to purchase their products and find them to be effective for you, that’s awesome! But please remember that the production method, the overall safety of the product, or its effectiveness may be different. Also, because many certifications are an arduous and costly process, many small companies or DIYers may not be certified organic.

Are you battling a skin condition? Perhaps it’s time you made ozonated olive oil your weapon of choice.

What is Ozonated Olive Oil and What are the Benefits


What is Ozonated Olive Oil and What are the Benefits

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