Best Gochugaru Substitutes

Best Gochugaru Substitutes

Gochugaru is a hot sauce made from Korean peppers. It can be found at any Asian market.

In addition, gochujang and ssamjang are also used as substitutes for gochugaru in recipes.

Soy Sauce alternatives are also a common kitchen sustitute.

Here are the best alternatives for Gochugaru sauce

Gochujang a versatile substitute for Gochugaru

Gochugaru is a Korean condiment made from red peppers. It can be used as a substitute for gochujang.

What’s more, it has an intense flavor that goes well with spicy foods like kimchi or other dishes.

You may use this ingredient to make sauces such as gochujang chili paste or gochujang soybean paste.


This is another alternative for gochugaru. Ssamjang is a traditional fermented bean paste of Korea. You will find it at most grocery stores.

Plus, you can add some garlic powder if you want to give your dish a kick!  This is Korean Pepper Paste is another good alternative for Gochugaru.

 Sambal oelek an Indonesian Alternative for Gochugaru

It’s made by mixing ground chili peppers with salt and vinegar. The result is a spicy condiment that’s great for adding flavor to rice dishes, curries, soups, and stir-fries. However, it can also be used as a substitute for Gochugaru.

Sriracha is a tang substitute for Gochugaru sauce.

Tabasco an easy alternative to Gochugaru

Thai chili garlic sauce is a gentle or not as spicy substitute for Gochugaru.

 How to Pick A Good Gochugaru Substitute

  • There are many different types of gochujuru available today, some with more heat than others. You can use any type of gochujuru in your recipes but it is important to know which one you are using.
  • Gochugaru is a spicy Korean condiment used to make kimchi. It is also used to flavor soups, stews, and other dishes.
  • Salt is an important ingredient in many recipes. It adds flavor and helps keep food from drying out. You can use table salt, kosher salt, sea salt, or any other type of salt.
  • Rice wine vinegar is used to make kimchi, which is a traditional Korean dish. Distilled white vinegar is used to make salad dressing.
  • Most gochugaru is made without added sugar. It’s believed that adding too much sugar makes foods taste artificial.

Want condiments go well with Gochugaru?

  • Korean spicy rice cake – often called Tukbokki – will often have Gochugaru.
  • Meat dishes mixed with Gochugaru are very common
  • Fish or seafood stews are spiced up with Gochugaru
  • Kimchi stew has Gochugaru mixed in for extra spice and hotness.

Gochugaru is a versatile sauce or paste and can be used with salad dressings, dipping sauces, and marinades.

What is the Difference between Gochugaru and Gochujang?

These korean spices are both different in their flavor, taste, texture plus consistency.

 Further Gochugaru commonly comes in powder or sometimes hot flakes. Whereas paste is the most common form of gochujang.

Gochujang is a chili paste and is best for building a base in stews and marinades.

Another difference between Gochugaru and Gochujang is Gochujang is made with rice, some salt, and soya beans. So Gochujang definitely has a different taste.

Best Gochugaru Substitutes with Sushi
Best Gochugaru Substitutes with Sushi

What can I use if I don’t have Gochugaru?

If you do not have Gochugaru then the easiest substitution that is readily available can be Tabasco sauce. Even though the taste is quite a bit different you will still get a spicy dish.

Can I replace Gochugaru with chili powder?

Yes, you can use chili powder instead of gochugaru at a pinch.

 You may even find yourself liking this version better because there isn’t as much liquid content as when you would normally use gochugaru.

Chili powder is usually just plain red pepper flakes. If you like things really spicy then you might need to increase the amount of chili powder you put into your recipe.

Is there anything else I should consider before making my own Gochugaru Sauce?

When buying gochugaru always check the ingredients list on the package.

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