Skirt Steak Substitute

Skirt Steak Substitute

Despite the fact that it isn’t exactly a steak per se, flank steak is among the most popular beef cuts. It comes from the cow’s lower abdominal muscle, which is frequently utilized. It’s also lean, making it tough to chew if it’s not cooked properly. It’s recommended to utilize this meat in slowly stewed dishes or high-heat cooking.
What about if the recipe says for flank steak but you don’t have any? That is precisely why this essay exists! Continue reading to learn about some of the greatest flank steak alternatives.

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10 Substitutes for Flank Steaks in 2024

1. Skirt Steak Is The Top Substitute for Flank Steak in 2024

Skirt steak is among the most preferred flank steak replacements. It may not be as skinny as the latter, but it may be an excellent alternative, especially if you want to cook it over high heat, grill it, or broil it.

This beef is a tasty cut with a lot of visible grains. It comes from the diaphragm area, also known as the short plate, which is located beneath the rib portion. Outside skirts and inner skirts are the two basic varieties. Because of its sensitivity, the outer skirt is the best choice of the two.

2. Top Round Is a Good Substitute for Flank Steak

Top round, also known as inner round, is low fat and mellow beef cut that is commonly used in roast beef. It’s lean and rugged, yet it’s perhaps one of the most cost-effective trims.

As a result, you must pay close attention to correct preparation, which also will make it easier to consume. In recipes that call for marinades, it’s a wonderful substitution for flank steak. Those will not only aid in infusing powerful tastes, but it will also help to tenderize the meat.

3. Steak on the Bone – Hanger Steak

While hanger steak is generally a thinner cut like flank steak, one of the key distinctions seen between the two is that hanger steak has more fat. It isn’t just juicier, but it’s also tenderer this way.

This flank steak replacement, like top round, works well in recipes that call for marinades, such as beef fajitas. If you’re grilling this cut, don’t cook it for more than two minutes on each side. The meat will also be tough otherwise.

Skirt Steak Alternatives
Skirt Steak Alternatives

4. Steak Tri-Tip

When flank steak is unavailable, this triangle shape and boneless cut of beef is a good alternative. It’s also known as triangular steak, and it’s a flavorful cut of beef from Santa Maria, California.

The thickness of this thin and delicate meat is normally one inch. It’s ideal for rapid cooking techniques including pan-searing, grilled, and broiling.

Marinading is especially important even though it is lean, as it will assist to minimise its harshness.

5. Can I Substitute Flap Steak For Flank Steak

In many dishes, this thin cut and fat-reduced meat are substituted for flank steak. It is popular not just because it is sensitive and versatile, but also because it is affordable.

Because they are so close to one other, they have many of the same characteristics. Because of its coarse grain, it holds marinades well, so anticipate explosive tastes from this beef cut.

Flat Iron Steak As a Substitute for Skirt Steak
Flat Iron Steak As a Substitute for Skirt Steak

6. Flat Iron Steak

Flat iron steak, also known as top blade steak, is made from the shoulders of a cow. This is a type of blade steak. Through fatty connective fibers, it links to the top blade roast.

When you remove these tissues, you’ll have two cuts: the top cut blade and the flat iron. It may be used in place of flank steak.

7. Sirloin

Although there are two sorts of sirloin cuts, top sirloin is the best choice if you’re looking for a flank steak replacement. It is more tender than the bottom sirloin since it is located beneath the tenderloin.

Also, it works well here in recipes that demand marinades, just like the other items on this list. If you want to cook the beef on the grill, be careful not to overcook it since the flesh could become annoyingly tough.

8. Market Fajita Beef Strips

The most popular piece of meat in use in beef fajitas is flank steak. Commercially accessible beef fajita strips are available. They’ve been sliced, seasoned, and are ready to cook.

As a result, if you can’t obtain flank steak, they’ll be a terrific substitute. While most come pre-seasoned, you may still add other flavorings to customize the taste to your liking.

9. Chicken Breast

When most individuals seek flank steak alternatives, they usually limit themselves to beef.

However, instead of using chicken breast, you might like to try increasing your options.

It’s more easily accessible. Not to mention that it is less expensive. It’s perfect for stews and stir-fries made with flank beef. It’s also great when sautéed with veggies of your choosing.

10. Mushrooms A Vegetarian Substitute for Skirt Steak

Are you making a vegan and vegetarian dish?

If flank steak is unavailable, mushrooms can be substituted. To be honest, it’s last on our list since it’s also our least favorite. It’s a completely different universe from flank steak in terms of flavor and texture.

The major resemblance with flank steak is that it absorbs marinades fast, allowing you to experiment with different flavors and alter the taste as needed. While there are many various types of mushrooms to choose from, Portobello is one of the best.

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