Tibetan Herbs For Weight Loss

Tibetan Herbs For Weight Loss

Tibetan herbs are part of traditional Tibetan medicine which is one of the ancient traditional medicines for over 2,500 years and relatively close to Chinese herbal medicines. 

The concept that forms the basis for Tibetan medicine, which is usually used by Tibetan monks, is harmony and balance in all aspects of the human organism.

Bad-kan, rLung, Nyipa sum, are the three main elements that are believed to be kept in harmony. They considered things like delusion, hatred, and desire to be very harmful influences that affect harmony.

At present, there are thousands of medicine formulas evolving from the 13th century contained in Tibetan medicine pharmacopeia developed from the Gyud-shi.

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Now, let us see how Tibetan herbs can aid your weight loss.

How Can Tibetan Herbs Help in Weight Loss?

Natural Tibetan herbs for slimming normally contain herbal substances that are very helpful in weight loss such as Sida cordofolia, Garcinia gambogia, Piper longum, Commiphora mukul, Triphala and multicomponent herbal and formula.

Sida Cordofolia 

Dida cordofolia is derived from Ephedra sinica or in the local term, ma huang. Ma huang plants have a good content of ephedrine raging from 1 to 1.2 percent. Ephedrine works by stimulating the beta receptor levels of neurohormones like norepinephrine. This is hormone is responsible for increasing the thermogenic (thermogenesis) response of the body.

Sida cordofilia herbs are commonly used in Tibetan medicine since it is known to have active principles such as opening the bronchial tree and improving respiration. 

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When combined with caffeine, it can contribute to your weight loss by suppressing the appetite and increasing thermogenesis activity (a process where it enhances heat in the body and improves the digestive system).

Precaution: too much ephedrine can lead to harmful effects such as an increase in pulse rate and blood pressure, insomnia, constipation, increase blood sugar level.

Garcinia Gambogia

Garcinia gambogia is a fruit extract(<–see a sample)  from India that comes from the tamarind family. It naturally contains a good amount of hydroxy citric acid (HCA) that can constrain a key enzyme that is required for the production of fatty acids or building blocks of fatty tissue, which is called citrate lyase.

With that, it can be a great utilization of dietary fat since it has less dietary glucose which could be transformed into glycogen instead of having excess fat. The result of which is the feeling of being full, thus, prevents you from overeating and makes reserved energy for the body. Both results are very important in preventing obesity, chronic tiredness, and low levels of muscle glycogen.

Piper Longum

Piper longum or also known as long pepper is a combined equal portion of ginger and black pepper.

This is essential when you have to lose weight since it has an alkaloid piperine content which is a good aid in the body’s thermogenic response.

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Also, a study from the Indian Journal Pharmacology in 2011 concluded that obesity-induced and fat-fed rats showed a significantly reduced level of serum triglyceride, total cholesterol, low-density lipoproteins (LDL), and very-low-density lipoproteins (VLDL), and significantly increase in high-density lipoprotein HDL level, which is a good and beneficial effect of reducing obesity.

In other words, piper longum or piperine has a lipid-lowering effect and anti-obesity activity without compromising your appetite.

Commiphora Mukul

Commiphora Mukul or guggulipid is essential in Tibetan herbs weight loss ingredients. It comes from an extract of a sap from its tree. I can be effective in the metabolic process because of its efficiency in lowering cholesterol and lowering the levels of triglycerides, which are all a great help in metabolism and weight loss. 

A study shows that several grams of induced-guggulipid overweight patients showed a reduction in skinfold thickness, especially in the triceps area. However, studies of this slimming herbal ingredient can be inconsistent without back up claims and may show different results varying from different factors of the subjects.


Triphala comes from the combined fruit extracts of Terminalia belerica, Terminalia chebula, and Emblica officinalis. This mixture is highly-valued in Ayurveda medicine since they consider this as a good aid in helping nutrient absorption, digestion, and metabolism. 

Other key benefits of Triphala ingredient in Tibetan herbs are by flushing out toxins in the stomach, small, and large intestines. It also benefits the colon by cleansing out and strengthening its tissues. It can even fight off constipation, bloating, and inflammation in the digestive tract, thus, reducing your water weight. 

Overview of How Tibetan Herbs for Weight Loss Works

Traditional medicine sees the human body as a holistic healing system and even much more than a combination of specialized cells. According to them, the human body is a complex whole where different elements affect the overall being. In other words, they see diseases and illnesses and a whole system imbalance.

If the Chinese traditional medicine sees it as an imbalance of the Yin and Yang, Tibetan traditional medicine sees it as an imbalance of the Bad-kan, rLung, Nyipa sum.

If you ever asked. “Why are Tibetan herbs effective in slimming and weight loss?” for them, they have the complete, comprehensive, and long-term healing effect which is made with traditional recipes and original herbal mixtures by Tibetan monks. 

Tibetan people believe that the human body has close contact with toxins all the time through the food you consume, cleaning agents used, the air you breathe, things you wear, physical contact with people, etc. That’s why Tibetan herbs for slimming have detoxification content that processes starting in the liver which is the major organ that decides whether there are toxins in the body or none.

When the liver is overly contained with toxins, they transform into fat cells instead of being excreted out from the body. Therefore, it cleanses out excess cellulite and fats allowing you to get rid of belly fats without risking your health.

Herbs from Tibet For Weight Loss

How Do I Know That I am Overweight or Obese?

The World Health Organization defines obesity and overweight as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may badly affect the health.

For  , the overweight determinant level guide is greater than or equal to 25 in body mass index (BMI). For obesity, the body mass index (BMI) is greater than or equal to 30.

For children under 5 years of age in both sexes, the overweight determinant level guide is weight-for-height greater than 2 standard deviations above World Health Organization (WHO) Child Growth Standards, while obesity is weight-for-height greater than 3 standard deviations above the World Health Organization (WHO Child Growth Standard median.

For children aged between 5 to 9 years, the overweight standards are BMI-for-age greater than 1 standard deviation above the World Health Organization Growth Reference medium, while the obesity is greater than 2 standard deviations above the World Health Organization (WHO) Growth Reference median. 

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization stated that the countries that have high overweight and obesity rate are more likely to face health crises than countries that have underweight health issues.

What Are The Other Benefits Of Tibetan Herbs For Weight Loss?

Traditional medicine like Tibetan herbs is not just for weight loss. As we have said, they have long-term and all-inclusive benefits for your body since balance in the mind, body, and soul is important for them. So, here are some of its effects:

  • Strengthens the immunity
  • Reduces stress in the system
  • Regulate your metabolism
  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • balance the nervous and endocrinal system
  • Energize, vitalize, and rejuvenate the body
  • Support digestion process
  • Enhance healthy intestinal flora or gut health
  • Strengthens the muscles, joints, and skin
  • Stimulate cell regeneration and division
  • Have an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect
  • Enhances detoxification process in the body

What Are The Side Effects Of Tibetan Herbs For Weight Loss?

If you are a Buddhist, you probably know that Tibetan herbal medicines are considered to be blessed and consecrated according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

If you are not, know that they take this alongside with their Buddhist mantra and even bless the medicine themselves. So, they consider this as safe and as a blessing.

Scientifically speaking, if you take these Tibetan herbs in huge doses, side effects may occur including vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, and abdominal pain or upset stomach.

What Are The Precautions of Herbal Medicine? 

When taking any herbal medicine or supplements, health professional always reminds to never self-diagnose. Herbal medicines or supplements may have strong effects in the body and may have drug interactions. Always consult first your doctor before taking any of it.

Here are some precautions you should follow:

  • Learn as much as possible about the herbal medicine or supplement that you are about to take. Read properly the label and information if there are any.
  • Always seek medical advice from health professionals such as trained and licensed herbalist or naturopathic doctors.
  • Use prescribed dosage. 
  • If side effects happen, reduce the dosage or stop taking your herbal supplement.
  • Make sure that the herbal product you buy has the proper labels like side effects, standardized formula, precautions, ingredients, and directions.


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