Benefits of Chanca Piedra: How To Use it To Dissolve Kidney Stones, Detox Your Liver and more

What is Chanca Piedra and its health benefits?

Chanca Piedra, translated from Spanish to English means “Bone Breaker” or “Stone Crusher”. This small Amazonian herb (phyllanthus niruri) doesn’t actually crush and dissolve kidney stones, it softens (gelatinizes) them, allowing them to change shape. They can then move down through the ureter, and out (almost) painlessly.

Top Chanca Piedra Health Benefits

Gallstones and Kidney Stones

Anyone suffering from gallstones or kidney stones knows how excruciating the pain is. Many people end up having unnecessary surgery because they think it is their only option.

Would you try a natural, proven cure if it meant saving yourself from having kidney stones surgically removed? Or your gall bladder removed? Or your urinary tract operated on? Of course you would, right?

Evidence from studies done (1) (see below) prove that Chanca Piedra will remove existing stones and prevent new stones from forming.

What other Benefits Chanca Piedra good for?

  • Digestive disorders of the stomach and intestines (appetite stimulator and digestive aid)
  • Pain relief from the symptoms of kidney and gallbladder stones
  • Lowering blood pressure and blood glucose levels (diabetes and heart disease)
  • Detoxing the liver and optimal liver function (sluggish liver slows the metabolism leading to weight gain and a host of other potentially life threatening conditions)
  • Clearing up painful, frustrating urinary tract infections (UTI’s)
  • All conditions causing inflammatory pain
  • HIV therapy, anti-cancer – conclusive evidence is still needed here.
  • Hypertension
  • Atherosclerosis and high cholesterol

4 Main Chanca Piedra Health Benefits

1. Dissolve Existing Kidney Stones and Prevent Future Ones:

Our bodies receive signals all the time, from the food we eat. Paying attention to what our bodies try to tell us, is the first step in preventing serious health issues, in this case kidney stones.  

You could have kidney stones if you experience these symptoms:

  • Painful or frequent urination
  • Presence of blood when passing urine
  • Urine that appears cloudy, with a bad smell
  • Pain which occurs in back, stomach or sides
  • Fever, vomiting, nausea and chills accompanying the pain
  • Persistent urge to urinate but only passing tiny amounts

Why do over 20 million people, in the United States alone, suffer from kidney stones (2) A major factor (3) is magnesium deficiency. The daily recommended dose of magnesium is 400mg. A healthy person will easily maintain correct magnesium levels as the kidneys retain this mineral before excretion. However in people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure or obesity, (which can all lead to kidney stones) the kidneys receive wrong signals and magnesium gets excreted along with other valuable minerals, and so the “stones” begin to form as the body is depleted of vital minerals.

The link between UTI’s and kidney stones:

The urinary system, or urinary tract, is made up of your kidneys, ureter, bladder and urethra. If there is too much calcium or uric acid in your urine levels, deposits build up, harden and stone-like balls form.

These can then get lodged in your ureter, causing extreme pain and urinary tract infections.

Chanca Piedra not only softens and helps to remove these deposits but with continued use, in smaller doses, will ensure your kidneys remain “stone” free.

2. Chanca Piedra Protects and Detoxes the Liver, Arresting Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

Besides the antilitic (stone-expelling) properties that cause mineral deposits to break up and pass out, Chanca Piedra has very strong hepatoprotective properties which will detox your system further.

Tests done proved (4) that standardized Chanca Piedra, 50% methanolic extract was the most effective at suppressing hepatic fat accumulation and blocking inflammation.

The liver is 5-10% fat, too much fat in the liver can cause cytotoxic oxidized free radicals to be released.

People who eat high fat diets will develop higher levels of fat in the liver, as well as high blood glucose levels and insulin resistance. 

These all lead to oxidative stress, which causes inflammation. And where there is inflammation, on a cellular level, you can be guaranteed that pain and ill health are not far behind.people in the world are affected by NAFLD

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How common is NAFLD? Way more common than you might think!

Around 25% of the Western world suffer from it and if you are Type II diabetic you have a 70% chance of ending up with NAFLD.

30% of the Western world is morbidly obese and 90% of all these people will possibly get NAFLD. It sounds grim. If you fall into these categories don’t despair.

Chanca piedra is safe, effective, natural and it has been tried and tested by people all over the world.

3. People with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Obesity can use Chanca Piedra:

In these individuals there is a higher risk of developing kidney stones and NAFLD. Chanca Piedra has properties (5) which contribute to weight loss, reduce insulin resistance and reduce the risk of heart disease.

This is because Chanca Piedra is…..

  • Hepatoprotective
  • An anti-inflammatory and a pain blocker (on a level similar to morphine – without the side effects
  • Antioxidant, thanks to high phenolic content (6)
  • Hypotensive
  • Hypoglycemic

Please note: If you are on medication for the above conditions Chanca Piedra may clash with your meds and you might do more harm than good.

These are serious health issues so unless you are familiar with natural cures or if you have a trusted health care practitioner who can advise you on possible interactions with your prescribed drugs, act with caution.

Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones

4. Gall Bladder Detoxing – Taking Chanca Piedra before you get gallstones is the best idea.

Most of us probably have hundreds of tiny gallstones already. If left untreated or if we don’t change our diets drastically, they could grow to the point where they get so big, or so many, that the pain may drive you to getting an emergency operation, which can be avoided.

The gall bladder stores and secretes bile, produced by the liver, if the liver is over loaded with toxins, the bile produced will be toxic.

The body will try clean it, gallstones will form. Chanca Piedra will “soften” these “stones” and they will come out through the rectum, as opposed to kidney stones which pass out through the bladder.

Note: If you have large gallstones do an olive oil, lemon juice cleanse first. (It does work, I avoided major surgery by doing this one day cleanse)

How Chanca Piedra can detox your gall bladder:

  • Chanca Piedra’s phenolic compounds (7) stimulate bile secretion
  • Extra bile aids digestion
  • Good digestion improves nutrient absorption in the intestines
  • Better absorption leads to efficient excretion of metabolic and other waste from your system, without depleting minerals.
  • High levels of minerals in your blood and organs boost your immune system.
  • An immune system that functions optimally means high energy, clear thoughts, positive attitude, wellness, vitality and general enjoyment of life.


Thanks to the Amazon’s abundance of healing herbs (8), studies are being done fast and furiously to legitimize what the indigenous people have known for centuries.

Some studies have been done in vivo and others in vitro and while laws in the States make it difficult to register herbals as medicine, the numbers of people that are starting to trust in the healing power of these ancient plants are growing.

So “insufficient evidence” is only true if you are looking for evidence from the West. If you look to the East, both Chinese and Ayurvedic practitioners prescribe it regularly. And there hundreds of thousands of people who can give testimonials as to how Chanca Piedra changed their lives.

Do your own research if you want to see how many studies have been done on Chanca Piedra benefits. Although many studies conclude that more research needs to be done, the potential is so promising it is just a matter of time before herbals get the recognition they deserve.

Big Pharma also plays a role in slowing down the process, they don’t want people to stop buying synthetic medicine.

How Much Chanca Piedra Can Be Taken In A Day – Dosage And Instructions

NOTE: The following information is not a substitute for medical advice and is a guideline only. Please consult a qualified Traditional Healer if you suffer from a serious condition so you can be properly diagnosed and given correct dosages for your specific needs.

How much dosages : Chanca Piedra Tea Recipe

  • A weak infusion is taken by placing 2 heaped tablespoons or 5g of dried Chanca Piedra in a pot.
  • Pour 500ml of hot water, just off the boil, into pot.
  • Cover and steep for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Drink 125 ml, 2-4 times daily. 

Note: This will gently cleanse kidneys, liver and gall bladder over 6 – 12 months.

Capsules: Take 2 x 500 mg capsules daily for 10 – 90 days depending on condition.

Extract: 10 – 30 drops 3x daily for general detox of liver, gall bladder and urinary tract.

Diabetes: 100ml tincture for 10 days.

Viral Hepatitis: 2x 500mg capsules, 3x daily for 10 days

Hepatitis B: 200 – 1000mg, 3x daily for up to 3 months

Chanca piedra dosage for kidney stones: 500mg 3x daily for 3 months

High Blood Pressure: 2x 800mg, 3x daily for 10 days.

Chanca Piedra Side Effects

No side effects have been found to occur and Chance Piedra is safe to take (9).

Taking large amounts over long periods of time may deplete electrolytes so always remember to take extra electrolyte solution if you experience fatigue during treatment.

Do not take if:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • On medication for diabetes, high blood pressure of heart disease

How is it packaged and where to buy lab grade chanca piedra

Ayurvedic health stores, Traditional Chinese Medicine stores and Asian markets will carry the dried herb, which you can make into tea. You may also find the herb in tincture form at these outlets.

Specialist health shops and online stores, like Amazon, will also offer more commercial brands which are encapsulated or made into blends.

It is always better to use a 50% methanol extract of Chanca Piedra as the active ingredients are this the most potent in this form. But use what suits you best as they all work, just at different speeds. Water extracts have also proved highly effective as an anti-bacterial (10) though

Try one of these brands they do work!:

Chanca piedra Tea : Chanca Piedra Herbal tea from Nuestra Salud – Perfect cleanser and detox tea

Capsules: Activa Naturals Chanca Piedra 500mg – No fillers, additives or hidden “extras”

Tincture (Organic Cane Sugar Alcohol) Extract: Herb Pharm Stone Breaker for Urinary Support

Chanca piedra extract: Chanca Piedra Concentrate and Extract (Organic)

Bottom line 

A sedentary lifestyle and diets high in fat (and sugar) can lead to diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure.

This in turn can cause a strain on the liver and the kidneys, which can cause major mineral deficiencies, especially magnesium.

Minerals excreted by dysfunctional kidneys lead to calcified deposits that can get lodged in the ureter and also collect in soft tissue at various points in the body and in the joints. This causes painful inflammation and UTI’s.

Chanca Piedra used both as curative and preventative can remove these deposits, detox the liver, improve digestion, relieve pain and maintain kidney and liver function, safely and effectively.

Thus helping you to avoid unnecessary surgery, improve your health and quality of life and most importantly, LIVE LONGER.When we look after our bodies, our bodies will look after us!

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