Cannellini Beans Substitutes

Cannellini Beans Substitutes

The cannellini bean, also referred to as the white kidney bean, is a member of the Phaseolus vulgaris family. It’s popular in Italian cooking. Its name refers to the bean’s creamy white color, and it’s widely used in other countries as well.

Although white kidney beans are not native to Southern Europe, they may have originated from Peru, according to Italian immigrants in Argentina initially cultivated these beans. They finally made their way back to Europe and into the culinary traditions of other nations.

Butter Beans

Unlike lima beans, which farmers harvest when they are still immature, butter beans are fully grown and have a creamy white color. This creamy white color is due to the beans’ soft texture and creamy taste.

Although butter beans have a creamy taste, they don’t have much flavor. They’re also a bit larger than cannellini beans, and they have a similar texture. However, they share a similar starchiness.

One of the main reasons butter beans are so good as a replacement for cannellini beans is that they have less flavor.

You can also look at green beans in some recipes.

Fava Beans

Fava beans are different from cannellini beans due to their appearance. Also, they have a large body and are usually spotted brown.

Although they are similar in taste to cannellini beans, fava beans have a slightly different flavor. It is not a big deal since it’s not that much problem. However, if you plan on adding more spices and herbs, they will take over the flavor. Even if you add a fair amount of garlic and onions, it won’t be prominent.

You can either buy raw or canned fava beans. They are very adaptable, and you can use them in various recipes. In Mexican food, they are a favorite. You can also use them in soups.

Garbanzo Beans

If you’re not used to garbanzo bean, you might know its other name: chickpeas. (Garbonzo Flour equals Chickpea Flour) It is a popular ingredient called chickpeas.

Unlike cannellini beans, which are round and small, chickpeas are also very different in shape. They have a similar taste.

Like cannellini beans, chickpeas absorb the flavor of the surrounding ingredients. They also taste great when used in place of cannellini beans.

You can usually purchase raw or canned chickpeas. However, if you want a more natural texture, you might want to remove the skins. This step usually takes around a couple of hours, and it’s best to boil the beans first.

Black Beans
Black Beans

Black Beans

If the name doesn’t already give it away, these are black beans. Compared to our pale cannellini beans, this is a big difference.

These beans are also lovely, which is unlike the cannellini beans. They also have a powerful color that can change the appearance of a dish. Keep in mind that this ingredient can also alter the color of a whole meal.

Aside from being lovely, black beans are also an excellent substitute for cannellini beans. You can use it as a side or the main ingredient in many recipes. While they are sweet, you can significantly improve the flavor of the black beans by adding spices and herbs.

Black beans can either be purchased raw or in cans. They are a great addition to Mexican cuisine. You can boil them or prepare them yourself if you want to.


You probably know about the flageolet bean if you’ve been to France. This bean might not be on your radar if you’re not into French cuisine.

This type of bean is very pale green. It’s the caviar of beans due to its subtle flavor and is apparent in various dishes. Its taste is similar to that of cannellini beans.

While cannellini beans and flageolet beans are very mild, the latter has a richer flavor. The latter takes the dish’s flavor and adds it to it.

Aside from being used as a replacement for cannellini beans, flageolets are also a great alternative to raw beans. You can either buy them plain or canned.

Navy Beans

You can buy these beans either raw or in cans. They are great in various recipes, such as soup and tomato-based dishes. You can also boil them and prepare them yourself.

Once cooked, these are a bit creamy and have a mild taste. Navy beans are a good substitute for cannellini beans, as they lack the same amount of flavor. However, you can also use them with various herbs and spices.

Also known as pea beans, navy beans are oval-shaped. They’re a great alternative to cannellini beans, and they cook fast.

Kidney Beans

When it comes to the size of kidney beans, they are almost identical to cannellini beans. They have a similar texture and taste.

Although the taste of kidney beans is very different from that of the cannellini bean, it is still very different from the latter. It is not good to serve kidney beans in a dish that prominently features the cannellini bean.

If the goal of the dish were to add some texture and flavor to the cannellini beans, then kidney beans would work fine. Usually, these are dishes that contain a lot of herbs, spices, and butter.

You can either buy kidney beans canned or raw. While the former is usually cheaper, the latter requires preparation and is more prevalent in Mexican cuisine.

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