Yerba Mate vs Coffee, which is the healthier source of caffeine?

Yerba Mate vs Coffee: what’s the difference? And which is the healthier source of caffeine?

And most important…

Should You Swap Your Coffee for Yerba Mate?

I know these question may comes to your mind when you have heard about this weird green herbal drink has many health benefits.

so let’s break it down…

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Yerba Mate vs Coffee Why is it that Yerba Mate is healthier than coffee? 

Coffee is a basic necessity for many people to be able to function and survive the day. Some may even skip a hearty and tempting breakfast, but not coffee.

For coffee lovers, nothing else can remotely come close and replace the soulful taste of freshly brewed coffee beans, and the electric effects it brings to the body. Or is there?

Yerba Mate is said to be the rising star in the world of caffeine lovers. Yerba Mate is originally from the South American regions and is gaining worldwide popularity because of the all the coffee effects that you love, with less the negative side effects that a regular coffee can give.

What is Yerba Mate and Why it’s Good for You

Yerba Mate originated in the South American countries of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. It has been used for by natives for thousands of years as a medicinal herb that restores energy alerts physical responses, without adverse effects to the body.

The qualities of Yerba Mate are like that of a coffee but have more healing properties than that of a tea.

This means drinking Yerba Mate will keep your mind and body alert, stimulate energy and positivity, all without side effects such as palpitations or jittery physical effects.

Why You Should Drink Yerba Mate tea?

Yerba Mate is gaining popularity around the world as an alternative to coffee. Anyone will be willing to try something new, especially if it promises a healthier choice with the same sound effects that the previous one has, and Yerba Mate has that.

Yerba Mate, like all other products, has its positive and negative qualities.

How is Yerba Mate Beneficial?

When talking about positive effects, Yerba Mate is pretty much the same with coffee, except it offers more. 

It stimulates the mind and body for a more active and alert response.

It reduces risks of type II diabetes and is a natural laxative

In addition, Yerba Mate reduces the chances of developing hypertension, colon cancer, osteoporosis, and obesity.

It is packed with antioxidants (higher than green tea) and has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

What About Side Effects?

Yerba Mate may possibly cause agitation to some individuals who have been dependent with coffee and are hypersensitive to it.

It is also shown to have a correlation between drinking very hot Yerba Mate, smoking and developing throat cancer.

What is Coffee?

Quite possibly anyone around the world knows what coffee is and what it is used for. Coffee was discovered by Ethiopian shepherds around the sixth century and has since maintained its popularity among the coffee-drinking population.

There have been many coffee plants cultured from countries to give it different flavors ever since it was discovered. Coffee beans are harvested, then brewed, and then served.

Today, coffee has many variations – from hot or cold, sweet or bitter, and additional flavors to suit the taste palate of anyone who wants to have new varieties of drinking coffee. 

“However, it always goes back to the caffeine content and its mind and body stimulating properties that makes coffee most popular drink (almost 90% adult love coffee) In the United States.”

Coffee Benefits

Coffee has it’s positive and negative side effects weighing on each other, but it’s easy to look over the negative impact because of the positive things that it brings.

For instance, coffee is used by many individuals, especially in the corporate world, to enhance muscle and brain function temporarily.

This means when you take coffee before they go to work, you can expect a surge of energy that can keep you going – mind and body – for the next working hours.

Coffee is known to be packed with antioxidants that are responsible for cleansing the body internally and preventing bad cholesterol.


Coffee is also known to reduce the chances of developing diabetes, and it has laxative properties that can aid digestion.

What About Side Effects?

Coffee also has several negative side effects that you should consider before getting “addicted” to this type of drink, as ideal as it may seem.

For instance, coffee is highly acidic, and it is strongly advised that you should have something to eat first before taking coffee, lest it can increase the possibility of acid reflux. 

Some regular coffee drinkers also report chances of palpitations, jittery emotions and burn-out effects when the caffeine takes effect on the system.

Yerba Mate vs Coffee: Which one should you drink?

Coffee has been a long-standing staple drink by many people from all around the world, so it is typically challenging to introduce a new standard that can take its place.

Coffee has been mainly the source of many active minds on your day to day encounter.

Yerba Mate raises curiosity among many people because it is precisely like coffee but can relatively offer more.

Coffee, with its mind, body and energy stimulants, can keep you active throughout the day – but, then again, so can Yerba Mate.

Yerba Mate vs Coffee – Does Yerba Mate Have Caffeine?

Yes, Both types of drink contain about 80 mg of caffeine per cup serving. 

Both are packed with antioxidants and are natural laxatives. It is how they work in your body that shows the difference. Coffee may cause palpitations and jittery effects to the muscles after a few cups. 

Yerba Mate, on the other hand, has relaxing compounds that can have soothing effects on the muscles, while keeping the mind active.

Yerba Mate helps regulate the functions of the organs which allows it to have a relaxing effect on the body.

The question remains: is Yerba Mate the perfect alternative to coffee? 

Majority of the people from where Yerba Mate originated from are happy to see that this natural product from their land is gaining world popularity. They are excited to share the good things that this drink has to offer.

For them, Yerba Mate does not only stimulate your mind and body for your day’s activities, but it also shows a general improvement to your overall wellbeing.

Try Yerba Mate and feel the wonders that this exceptional drink can give you.

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