What Are Food Hacks

What is a good kitchen tip – What is a Food Hack?

A food hack is a way to make something that normally takes a long time or requires a lot of ingredients into something that only takes a few minutes and uses very few ingredients. This is what makes it so great!

Hi there! I’m Jim and I love cooking but The first thing I do when I start a new recipe is to look at the ingredient list. If it has too many ingredients, and some you may not have here of – e.g cloves of star anaise? So I know it will take me a long time to get all the ingredients let alone tomake. So thats why I have done a whole series of “food substitute or altenatives” to make my life and hopefully you life easier.

Jimbo – “learning to cook”

There are many different types of hacks we list a few here. 

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  • How can I be faster in the kitchen
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