Substitutes for Spring Onions

Substitutes for Spring Onions

Best Substitutes for Spring Onions

Spring onions are known for their strong flavor but slightly milder and sweeter than red or green onions. They can be best used for garnishing and can be added to sauces, salads, or salsas especially when cooks want an extra bite to their food. 

It is also good for the body as it has many vitamins and minerals such as protein, fiber and potassium. 

But what to do when you are out of spring onions while preparing a meal? 

Check out some of these alternatives that will not only substitute but also gives off the same taste and nutrients that you look for in spring onions. 

Some of these are very easy to find in the market and might as well be already in your pantry.

Top Ingredients That Are Substitutes For Spring Onions

This is a list of the best substitutes for spring onions in 2024

  • Leeks
  • Scallions
  • Shallots
  • Red Onion
  • Chives

1. Leeks are a very good alternative for spring onions

Leeks are members of the onion family that mostly resembles spring onions but they are a lot larger. They have a delicate flavor and texture and are considered a milder onion.

They also have a lot of vitamins such as magnesium and vitamin A, C, and K. But are more known for their antioxidant properties that reduce heart diseases.

Leeks can also be part of a healthy diet since they have low calories, and are high in fiber. By cooking them, they can either be grilled, roasted, or sautéed.

You can always serve them the same way as spring onions if they are finely diced from the fresh part of the bottom.

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Scallions are popularly known as green onions. Unlike spring onions, they have smaller bulbs and some do not grow into real bulbs at all.

In terms of taste, they actually differ a lot since scallions have a more spicy and peppery taste.

They have few uses in prepping a meal which is mostly for garnish or for salads.

It is also recommended to add this ingredient to yogurt dips or vinaigrettes.

You do not have to wait for any season for scallions as it is available all year round. 

Shallots - A Mild Alternative for Spring Onions
Shallots – A Mild Alternative for Spring Onions


Shallots are distant relatives of the onion family. They have similarities compared to a small onion but they have a smoother and less overpowering taste.

Aside from the usual meals, you can also have them pickled or fried. These are available and can be bought in the stores ready to use.

Shallots are also rich in protein, fiber, and other micronutrients such as calcium, iron, and magnesium. It can also help alleviate seasonal allergies such as eye and nose allergies. Not only is it for consumption but shallots are a very good replacement for green onions.

Red Onion

If you want your salads to look vibrant, a red onion can be a key ingredient that can add color to your meal. These onions are the most complementary in any food preparation and the most commonly found in household kitchens.

Although red onions can make you cry during chopping sometimes it certainly has properties that not only improve the quality of the food but also help prevent diseases and promote good health. They taste awesome in any way prepared like sautéed, grilled, roasted, fried, or even caramelized. 

Chives are herbs that are known for their spring onion-like flavor
Chives are herbs that are known for their spring onion-like flavor


Chives are herbs that are known for their spring or green onion-like flavor. For those who would want to have a less pungent taste than onions, chives can be that ingredient. It doesn’t leave any aftertaste and still can give that additional flavor to your food. It is best used in garnishes, toppings of any pasta and casseroles, or any grilled fish and roasted meat. It is more flavorful when you get it fresh, that’s why others grow it indoors, and easy to harvest.

Other Substitutes not commonly used are snow peas.

 Why Are Onions Good for You?

Aside from adding flavor and taste to your food, onions have a lot of nutrients that are good for the body. They have low calories, high fiber, and contain vitamin C, calcium, and potassium that keeps you healthy and well together with a good diet. It also helps reduce critical diseases that affect the heart and bones. 

Why Are Spring Onions Called Spring Onions?

Mostly these onions are planted during the late fall season. They are harvested after 8 weeks after sowing in spring. Hence, they are known as ‘spring onions’.

What Is the Best Substitute for Spring Onions?

It is always up to the cook based on what kind of meal is being prepared and preference of taste. If used for garnishing, you can always have scallions or green onions, and leeks as they can also be chopped the same way. They can also be prepped for sauces and salsas.

What can you replace green onions with – For grilling or roasting, you can have red onions and shallots as your alternative. As for chives, you can use this if you have guests that are very particular to strong flavors since it has a lesser pungent taste and odor. 

Can You Use Onion Instead of Spring Onion

1. Can you use onions instead of spring onions? Yes, you can, just use about 1/2 the amount as they are stronger

2. There are many different types of onions available on the market today. 

3. Onions are one of the most versatile vegetables out there. They have so much versatility that they can be used as an ingredient or a garnish.

4. There are many different ways to cook onions. 

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