Substitutes For Snow Peas

Substitutes For Snow Peas

Best Substitutes For Snow Peas

Delicious edible peapods perfect for Asian cuisine, snow peas have a crunchy texture with a fresh, sweet taste. You can choose to steam it, char, slice, or simply use it whole in stir-fries, salads, and dish fusions when you’re feeling creative. 

Snow peas can be purchased in well-stocked supermarkets, grocery stores, and Asian markets. However, they may run out of them fast depending on where you’re from. 

To avoid a kitchen disaster, you better be armed with the knowledge of substitutes.

The best substitutes for snow peas are sugar snap peas, green beans, asparagus, celery, and broccoli

Top 6 Best Snow Pea Alternatives in 2024

Keep in mind that snow peas have a distinct blend of flavor and texture to them that is difficult to replicate. Calm your horses, because this article will provide you with the knowledge on substitutes you can use to achieve nearly similar results.

Sugar Snap Peas

Easier to prepare and available all year round, sugar snap peas are the best substitutes for snow peas. They’re smaller but they’re packed with a sweeter, juicier taste and a crunchier texture.  

Sugar snap peas are best used when roasted with olive oil and garlic until they reach a tender-crisp feel. They can also be steamed or fast-blanched in order to preserve their crunchiness prior to cooking—but they work mightily fine on their own. 

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Not only can you use sugar snap peas for stir-fries, sautéed vegetable mixes, ramen, and chicken dishes but there is a wide variety of Asian-inspired cuisine you can use them in. 

Green Beans Are Bigger - but Fresh Crunchy Green Beans Are A Good Alternative For Snow Peas
Green Beans Are Bigger – but Fresh Crunchy Green Beans Are A Good Alternative For Snow Peas

Green Beans

Like its name, green beans come with a fresh, ‘green’ taste that is slightly starchy and with a brittle texture that gives you a delectable feeling when eaten raw. 

What makes green beans great substitutes for snow peas is because of their versatility. They can be stir-fried, steamed, boiled, roasted, sautéed, steamed, roasted, and even microwaves. They make for great accompaniments to a range of cuisines. 

You can use them either sliced raw, cooled, or cooked and throw them into any salad variety. Saute or spice them up to make delicious side dishes. Green beans can even be the star of your favorite Mediterranean and Indian dishes. The possibilities are nearly endless!


This vegetable works as a partner-in-crime with snow peas, so it makes sense for them to be used as substitutes. Asparagus has a bold, strong earthy taste that is also known for its ability to taste similar to other vegetables in terms of flavor, making it a versatile ingredient. 

Baking asparagus with a mix of lemon juice or olive oil will enhance its flavors. With this method, it could faintly resemble the taste of broccoli, mushrooms, or beans. 

Asparagus is great when you’re feeling experimental and want to try cooking stir-fries, parmesan twists, creamy sauces, pasta meals, and even for treats such as fries, pastry bundles, and tarts. 


Coming with 4 times the Vitamin A and 3 times the Vitamin C compared to your average orange, celery works as an excellent source of nutrition for your healthy dietary needs and also as a substitute for snow peas. That’s several times the fun!

Celery has a mild and earthy flavor that’s perfect for fresh salads, stews, stir-fries, hearty vegetable soups, potato salads, and even cocktails and juices. 

Remember to blanch your celery before cooking to reduce some of the bitterness. It is recommended that you cut celery stalks diagonally at about a quarter inch thick to achieve that crispy snow pea texture. 

Snow Pea vs Broccoli - can be Interchanged
Snow Pea vs Broccoli – can be Interchanged


Don’t be swayed by the bitter reviews! Broccoli is actually slightly sweet with a crunchy texture. These miniature green trees can actually be a good substitute for snow peas when you feel like leveling up your recipes. 

Broccoli is awesome for breakfast dishes and scrumptious dinner meals. Egg fried rice? No problem. Shredding broccoli into a pesto and throwing the resulting savory sauce on top of pasta? You bet. 

Make sure to steam broccoli for about 8 to 15 minutes and be wary of accidentally overcooking them. This can cause them to taste more bitter. Cook them bright green to retain their sweet side. 

Brussels Sprouts

Proving to be the most unique substitute to snow peas due to their sweet, nutty taste with just a hint of smokiness, Brussel sprouts are also powerhouses of nutrition. 

Brussel sprouts work best when cooked with lemon juice and olive oil to achieve their peak flavors. You can season them with salt, pepper, or balsamic vinegar and even partner them with parmesan cheese, red pepper flakes, or herbs, and then viola! You have the perfect side dish. 

These green sprouts can also be used in meals such as breakfast casseroles, mac and cheese, risotto, and salads. Triple the protein by adding a generous amount of roasted chickpeas (even chickpea flour for thickening dishes). Don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone!

Things To Consider When Choosing A Snow Pea Substitute

There’s nothing specific because snow peas have a distinguishable taste. It’s all a mix and match process. Follow the tune of your taste buds and try the aforementioned substitutes. You can even go above and beyond by partnering these substitutes together. 

Can snap peas be substituted for snow peas

Snap peas are a close substitute for snow peas. They’re slightly smaller but otherwise look similar. Both are green pods with flat seeds inside. The only real difference between them is that snow peas are often sold already shelled, while snap peas are still in their pod.

Are snow peas and green peas the same

They are the same. Snow peas are grown in flat pods, while green peas come in pods you can eat individually, they are bigger.

Can You Substitute Edamame for Snow Peas

Are snow peas and edamame the same? – Edamame is similar enough to snow peas that they can be substituted. However, they have a slightly sweeter taste. They can be found frozen in most major grocery stores.

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