Substitute for Dill Seed

Substitute for Dill Seed

Substitute for Dill Seed

Dill weed and seeds are related to anise, coriander or cilantro, fennel, and cumin.

Dill is a fragrant annual herb, especially in the Mediterranean area. Dill, sometimes known as baby dill, is a popular herb in Soviet, Germanic, and Scandinavian cuisines. It has leaves and stems that resemble ferns and a mild sweet flavor.

Dill weed, chopped or whole, complements soups, casseroles, traditional dishes, spaghetti, and egg dishes. It’s also a popular flavoring agent for seafood and dips. Dill seed also is often used in the preparation of pickles and other varieties of bread. It’s also a tasty complement to greens salads, potato salads, cucumber side dishes, dry rubs, and marinades.

This plant as well as its seeds are accessible all year and may be found in most stores. Nevertheless, it is not unusual to be out of dill seed within your kitchen, but there are many other possibilities to explore as dill seed substitutes.

Although there’s no alternative that can completely replicate the taste of dill seed, the items listed below can help you get your desired outcomes.

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Fennel is among our favorite dill seed substitutes. It has a wide stalk and petal leaves on top that resemble celery but taste somewhat like licorice. Because fennel stalks are harsh, they are frequently discarded. Fennel stems and leaves can be eaten with meats, vegetables, seafood, and salads. Fennel leaves are very popular for garnishing. The plant can be packed and kept refrigerated for up to 4-5 days after it has been gathered or purchased. Fennel herbs can be used in place of dill leaves in practically any recipe that calls for dill seed.

Is Thyme a Good Alternative for Dill Seed

Thyme is another suitable alternative for dill seed. Thyme is a pungent-flavored plant from the mint family. It is a well-known Mediterranean herb with small soft leaves that are used as a spice and flavoring element in a variety of recipes such as noodles, salads, roasts, sauces, and marinades, to mention a few. Thyme is an essential component in pasta sauces made with peppers and eggplants, and it also works well as a substitution for dill seeds.

Thyme, unlike dill weed, can keep its taste when cooked. As a result, it is an excellent option for grilling and baking dishes. It also goes nicely with veggie salads, tomatoes, and baked potatoes. To get the most out of the fragrant flavor of thyme, use it upfront in the preparation of food. Thyme also works well as a substitute for dill seeds, and some people prefer it over the dill seed(s).

What is the best alternative to Dill Seeds
What is the best alternative to Dill Seeds?


Rosemary is another of the top substitute ingredients for dill seed on our list. Rosemary is another plant eastern Mediterranean region that may be used in place of dill. Rosemary is an essential ingredient in France, Iberian, and Italian cuisine. The strong perfume of rosemary has long been utilized in lamb, poultry, pig, and fish dishes. It complements veggies such as lentils, cereals, mushrooms, shallots, peas, potatoes, and spinach.  You may also use rosemary for dill seed in practically any recipe that calls for dill seed.


Chervil is a perennial plant of the parsley family. It is one of the most commonly used herbs in French cuisine. It tastes like a moderate combination of licorice and parsley. Chervil is comparable to parsley in flavor, and it enhances the tastes of other components in a recipe. Chervil is also known to be utilized in a variety of German and Spanish dishes. It is commonly used in salad and soups, but it may also be combined with other spices and herbs to prepare poultry, beef, eggs, and fish.

When it relates to soup and dressings, chervil is an excellent alternative for dill seed.


Basil is another fantastic alternative for dill seed on our list.

Basil is a well-known culinary herb with a sweet, powerful flavor and scent. It’s also popular in Italy and Asian cuisine. Basil comes in a variety of colors ranging from greenish to purple. Basil, regardless of species, is often used to make pesto as well as other sauces. It’s also great in noodles, pasta, salads, pickles, marinades, and sauces. You may use basil for dill seed in any recipe that calls for dill seed. In fact, basil is an excellent replacement for sauces and salad dressings.


Finally, tarragon is a herb that may be used in place of dill seed. The herb is typically used with white wine vinegar to provide a licorice flavor to numerous recipes, and it may be used in a variety of dishes that call for dill seed. Tarragon is a key component in Bearnaise sauce, and it’s a great addition to omelets and other dishes with chicken and fish. Heating, like dill weed, reduces the flavor of tarragon, so add it towards the conclusion of the cooking process. As much as it is a decent alternative for dill seed, it does have a strong flavor and should be used sparingly as a substitute.

At a pinch, you can also use Celery Seed.

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