Substitute for Burrata Cheese

Burrata cheese is a freshly made cheese out from the milk of cows and buffalos that have grazed in the plateaus of Apulia in Italy. Burrata means “buttery” in Italian as it has this delicate and creamy texture on the inside and is coated with a hard shell of mozzarella cheese on the outside. It has a natural but luxurious taste even with just a trace of brine water and salt. It needs to be consumed as soon as it is made since its flavor and texture will change over time. It is best served half an hour after being taken out of the refrigerator and paired with salt and olive oil. This cheese is quite expensive. If you want to indulge in the experience but still can spend less, then we will look at some of its alternative cheeses in the market.


Best Substitutes for Burrata Cheese


Mozzarella has been the best choice in replacement for Burrata cheese. It is also made from cow and buffalo milk, and originated in Italy. It has its natural flavor of brine and salt since it also has no preservatives in it. It may not have the same creamy and soft texture as Burrata, but it can be used the same way as it has a very flexible nature. It can be cooked, grilled, topped, and eaten raw. Once it melts, it will have a springy consistency that you can enjoy especially in baked dishes or pizzas. Since Mozzarella is a very popular cheese, it can easily be found in any grocery.


Cream Cheese

Compared to most cheeses, cream cheese has a lighter flavor and softer texture that are great for using in pastry or bread spreads. It is also as white as Burrata cheese but due to the combination of milk and cream, and it is higher in fat content. This cheese is used less in cooking and more in baking. Cream cheese is a famous ingredient in cheesecakes and desserts. It is also used in dips as its acidic and fresh taste compliments aromatic herbs and salad oils. As spreads, keep the cheese at room temperature to easily spread it across the food varieties you will pair it with.

Feta Cheese
Feta Cheese

 Feta Cheese

The tangy flavor of Burrata cheese is present in feta cheese. Although feta cheese is slightly saltier than Burrata. It originates in Greece and is made from a goat or sheep’s milk resulting in a firmer and crumbly texture. It is mostly used as garnish or toppings in salads. It can add a lot of taste and flavor that can bring about any boring meal to life. Not only is it flavorful but it is also healthy since it is low in calories and fat, and mostly gluten-free. It also contains vitamins such as vitamin B, calcium, and phosphorus.

Queso Fresco

Queso fresco is a white cheese that also has a tangy flavor coming from its lemon juice and vinegar component. It can be made out of cow or goat’s milk and is a cheese that is best eaten as it ages. The older the cheese the stronger its flavors. Queso fresco is popular in Mexican dishes as its crumbly and soft texture is best used as a topping for burritos, enchiladas, and tacos. It doesn’t melt well even though it is slightly elastic and springy. This cheese has many facets to it as it is salty, sour, and milky that can lighten up any dish topped with it.

Ricotta Cheese

In Italian, ricotta means “recooked”. This is because this cheese is a product of leftover whey from made cheeses. Milk is added to make ricotta a lot creamier and softer and can be used in desserts. Also because it is milder in flavor, this can be used as an ingredient for baked lasagna or ravioli. Ricotta also has a lot of moisture and can sometimes replace yogurts in certain recipes or as spreads on your toast. There are also different versions of ricotta, for the Italian version it is slightly salty but for the American variety it has a sweet taste.

Cashew Cheese
Cashew Cheese


Cashew Cheese

Cashew cheese is made out of softened cashew nuts that are blended until it becomes a creamy texture and with some nutritional yeast and salt. There are different versions of cashew cheese and you can always add other components such as apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to have some tanginess to it. This is considered a vegan cheese and is a very healthy replacement for common cheese, especially for those that are lactose intolerant. It has this natural nuttiness and salty flavor that can be used as ingredients in pasta, soups, and toast spreads.

Almond Cheese

There are numerous ways of making almond cheese. Some recipes use almond nuts, almond milk, or almond flour. This cheese is suitable for those with vegan diets or anybody just counting their calories. Although, this might not be advisable for lactose-sensitive individuals since it has milk proteins. Commercial almond cheese mostly resembles the common dairy cheeses but if you make it at home, you can have more flexibility in terms of this taste and spices. It has a natural nutty flavor and is less salty. If you use this cheese, you can add more salt or any spices that will give additional flavor to your meal.