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Best Substitutes for Bok Choy in 2024

Nowadays, people are becoming more concerned with what they eat. We have proven through this pandemic that we should prioritize our health by choosing the right food for our bodies.

That’s why adding green vegetables to our diet has become an essential part of our nutrition. The health benefits they provide are beneficial for everyone who wants to be healthier.

Bok choy is one of them. This is a white Chinese cabbage that is delicious and can be used in a variety of cuisines.

This Asian vegetable has thick stalks with leaves which can be bought all year round. But if bok choy is not available around your area, I will help you find the best substitutes that you can add to your options. 


Cabbage is a green vegetable that you can probably find mostly at any marketplace or store. At any period of time, this vegetable can be used to replace bok choy in some dishes you want to prepare. Cabbage(See rutabaga substitutes) is nutritious and low in calories, making it a healthy choice. In fact, this vegetable is fairly common in Asian cuisine which adds not only vibrant color and fresh taste but also a great amount of nutrition.

What Makes Cabbage a Good Substitute for Bok Choy

Both bok choy and cabbage have plenty of similarities, making them ideal substitutes for a healthy dish. You can easily use cabbage in your hot soup or other dishes if you don’t have available bok choy at home.

What Makes Kale a Good Replacement for Bok Choy
What Makes Kale a Good Replacement for Bok Choy


Kale is another easy-to-find green vegetable that you can use as another option for replacing bok choy. This vegetable contains a high amount of vitamins and nutrition. But for you to know, kale tastes a bit bitter and can be eaten either cooked or fresh.

What Makes Kale a Good Substitute for Bok Choy

I tell you, you will not be sorry for using kale as a substitute (See Kale Powder) for bok choy in your dishes. You will definitely love its additional health benefits to your food. Kale can be a perfect match with poultry, pesto, fish, and a variety of other dishes. And most importantly, they are always available around your area or in the supermarket.

Napa Cabbage

An addition to the list is napa cabbage. which has a similar taste, texture, and look to Bok Choy. This vegetable is known to be a brassica vegetable that has a high level of vitamins and minerals. Napa cabbage contains high fiber content coming from its long green leaves. In fact, this vegetable has the capacity to reduce inflammation indicators, which exacerbate heart disease-causing problems.

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What Makes Napa Cabbage a Good Substitute for Bok Choy

If you use Napa cabbage as a substitute for bok choy, you won’t even notice that you used a different vegetable instead of bok choy most of the time. And because these two are comparable in many aspects, you may use it in practically any dish that calls for bok choy. You can definitely enjoy their similar flavor and nutrients.


Our next good substitute for bok choy is an inexpensive yet equally nutritious vegetable. Spinach, however, has a strong aroma which might not be favorable for some. But this vegetable is very versatile and can be cooked using a wide variety of recipes.

What Makes Spinach a Good Substitute for Bok Choy

Just like any other green vegetable, spinach contains vitamins and minerals. This vegetable is also high in fiber which is good for our digestive system just like bok choy.  Being a versatile vegetable, spinach can be used to make nutritious smoothies, salads, and soup. Apart from that, you can also pair it with shrimp, tuna, and cheese. Truly, this vegetable is an amazing addition to include in your recipes if bok choy is unavailable.

What Makes Swiss Chard a Good Replacement for Bok Choy
What Makes Swiss Chard a Good Replacement for Bok Choy

Swiss chard

Another great substitute for Bok choy is also a green and leafy vegetable called Swiss chard. This vegetable has bigger stalks and plenty number of leaves. As a matter of fact, swiss chard can also come in red that’s why it is frequently confused with beet leaves. But this is another excellent bok choy replacement. 

What Makes Swiss Chard a Good Substitute for Bok Choy

Similar to bok choy, salads can also be made using Swiss chard which you can also find in the markets near you. Both bok choy and swiss chard have similar texture and flavor. You’ll need to cut this vegetable into pieces before boiling it if want to use it as a substitute for baby bok choy. More so, pan-frying swiss chard is also treated similarly to bok choy. This is why you should try these kitchen hacks to improve your recipes without compromising the taste and quality of your dishes. 

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