Palm Sugar Substitute

Palm Sugar Substitute

Easy Palm Sugar Alternatives

Palm sugar derives from any of the different varieties of palm trees. It’s used as a natural sweetener in many baked dishes and desserts.

Its only drawback is that it has a distinct flavor that’s quite hard to replicate. Nevertheless, we rounded up some palm sugar substitutes that come pretty close to the real thing.

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Palm Sugar Substitutes

If you’re ever running low on palm sugar, grab one of these sweet and tasty alternatives, and you’re good to go!

Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is the closest in flavor and texture to palm sugar. This is why it’s number one on our list of replacements.

It’s worth mentioning that brown sugar has a slightly sweeter taste. So, when baking, start with the recommended equivalent ratio below. Then, slowly add more until you get your desired flavor.

  • Equivalent: replace 1 cup of palm sugar with a 1/2 cup of brown sugar
Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar

Date Sugar

Date sugar may be the hardest to come by on our substitute list. Still, it makes the perfect natural palm sugar stand-in.

This all-natural sweetener is actually made from ground-up dried dates. So, it’s not technically a type of sugar, but it still makes for a superb alternative.

  • Equivalent: swap 1 cup of palm sugar with 1 cup of date sugar


Honey is one of the healthiest and most popular sweeteners on our list. It’s also the most versatile and can easily fit into almost every dessert recipe you come across.

Besides being versatile, it also has a sweet, satisfying flavor. Not only that, but honey is chock full of nutrients and antioxidants. It’s also known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

  • Equivalent: 1/2 a cup of honey is equal to 1 cup of palm sugar

Maple Syrup

Like palm sugar, maple syrup has no artificial flavors or additives. As a result, it makes a terrific replacement for palm sugar.

Maple syrup provides a distinct, rich flavor and adds a unique sweetness to any recipe. It works great in all types of desserts, from Asian to Middle Eastern.

Best of all, it’s recommended for anyone trying to cut back on white sugar as a sweetener.

  • Equivalent: a 1/2 cup of palm sugar can be replaced by 1 cup of maple syrup
Coconut Sugar Can Be Used As A Palm Sugar Substitute in Asian Cooking
Coconut Sugar Can Be Used As A Palm Sugar Substitute in Asian Cooking


Molasses is a thick, dark syrup produced during the extraction of white sugar from the sugar beet and sugarcane plants. It has a rich, sweet flavor, which is why it’s an ideal fill-in.

It even works better if you combine two tablespoons of molasses with one cup of white sugar. Together, they create a similar flavor and texture to authentic palm sugar.

  • Equivalent: use 1 cup of molasses and white sugar in place of 1 cup of palm sugar

White Sugar

White granulated sugar is a staple in almost every kitchen across the globe. This is why it’s one of the most accessible palm sugar alternatives around.

However, keep in mind that white, or cane, sugar is sweeter than palm. It also lacks that molasses aftertaste commonly associated with palm sugar.

  • Equivalent: substitute 1 cup of palm sugar with 1 1/4 cups of white granulated sugar

What Is the Closest Sugar to Palm Sugar?

The most similar sugars are either coconut or brown sugar. Both these sugars are suitable for baking and cooking. 

How Can I Make Palm Sugar at Home?

Palm sugar is made from the sap of coconut palms. Coconut palms grow naturally in tropical climates, like those found in Southeast Asia. Palm sugar is often sold in small packages called “bundles”. Bundles are usually made from the sap of several coconuts. Each bundle contains about 1 pound of sugar.

Substitute for Palm Sugar in Salad Dressing

Palm sugar is a sweetener with a rich flavor so if you what to find a close replacement choose brown or demerara sugar. If you are looking for a gentle tasting alternative in a salad dressing opt for honey, It has a milder flavor than palm sugar.

– Try adding 1/4 cup of honey to your salad dressing instead of palm sugar.

Palm Sugar Substitute Pad Thai

I love pad thai, but I’m always looking for flexibility with respect to sweeteners like palm sugar.  Coconut milk has a nice sweet flavor and is low in cholesterol. As an added bonus, it’s also low in saturated fats and could be considered a replacement for Pad Thai. Coconut Milk or Cream is more gentle in taste than dark palm sugar.

Substitute for Palm Sugar in Ice Cream

The most popular alternative is cane sugar for use in ice cream, and you can add a pinch of muscovado sugar for extra taste.

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