Nathan Fillion Weight Loss

Nathan Fillion Weight Loss

Nathan Fillion Weight Loss 2021

Thousands of Nathan Fillion’s fans draw several reactions when the actor came out in September 2019 for the new season trailer of ABC’s show, The Rookie. He is a Canadian-American actor best known for his roles as Captain Malcolm mal Reynolds on Firefly as well as Richard on Castle and John Nolan on The Rookie.

But did Nathan Fillion weight loss really happen?

Or is it just the angle, or makeup, or aesthetics?

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Let’s see!

Former “Castle” star, Nathan Fillion, seems to obviously lose weight. It worries his fans seeing him in an unusual, new look interpreting it as an unhealthy sign in his body. Though he refrained from revealing thorough information about him losing weight, he still posts on his social media account a photo of his transformed physique with a caption, “This season we are using the new ‘chiseled filter’”.

Having the role of a cop as John Nolan in The Rookie may have contributed to his weight loss since it is physically demanding. The 48-year-old actor talked about in his interviews that he does not indulge much in fitness and sports since he has a weak knee, thus, requiring him to get a stuntman in his heavy action and running scenes. Now, looking upon Nathan Fillion weight and height, it seems to be pretty normal than his previous body that shows much weight.

Speculations circulation all over social media said that maybe he had physically transformed his weight and look since, for the past first season in The Rookie, the actor hasn’t changed much. Another speculation said that he might be getting in shape for his other movie with Margot Robbie, Will Smith, and Jared Leto, ‘The Suicide Squad’.–XU

What Does Nathan Fillion’s Fans Thought About His Weight Loss?

Nathan Fillion weight loss controversy made his fans surprized. Some say he nearly had a weight loss of 30 pounds from his usual look.

Social media accounts, particularly on Twitter, exploded in a post where he teased about a new chiseled look. A fan said he looked thinner and handsome but better if he looks “meatier” than today. Similarly, another fan commented about The Rookie workout articles should be published for their fitness inspiration. Wouldn’t that be great?

Another social media user stated that he looked so much chiseled in the new season 2 of The Rookie and the Suicide Squad.

However, negative reactions were seen in the comment section where almost everyone agreed that it looked like he aged a decade overnight. (Oops! Harsh!) For some, his stressful work and abrupt alterations in personal life might have contributed to looking old and saggy making it too obvious for his wrinkles and fine lines to be seen because of how much Nathan Fillion lost weight. Also, others noticed that he does not glow like how he used to in the old rookie season.

But above every comment and critique, it all goes to Nathan Fillion’s comfort on how he wants his body to look like and not because of how others wanted it to be. So, whether he intentionally lose weight or not,

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How Did Nathan Fillion Lose Weight?

As we have said, Nathan Fillion has kept his silence about his remarkable weight loss since he is quite a private guy. Considering that we know about his knee problem, he might have gone and spent his time in losing weight by doing low-intensity exercises such as walking, swimming, yoga, cycling, etc.

Rumors have also made known that Nathan Fillion went into a Keto or Ketogenic diet. But whether he verges on that diet or not, we all know how effective the keto diet is for weight loss knowing that it promotes healthy fats and a good amount of calorie intake.

What To Expect In Nathan Fillion in The Rookie Season 2

A comedy-drama created by Alex Hawley for ABC gave Nathan Fillion’s police officer role will run for just six months in the show, he seems to be so eager in doing it by trying too hard to keep John Nolan’s youthful and young character (maybe the reason why he lost weight). The show also focuses on the life of John Nolan where he pursues his dream of becoming the Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) eldest recruit.

In the second season of this movie, you won’t only see the love story of John Nolan and Sarah Shahi but also how the love triangle between John Nolan, Ali Larter, and Sarah Shahi went.

Another set shows Nathan Fillion studying law at Pennsylvania State University but left upon knowing that his former lover, Sarah, is expecting and later moved on to construction. He, later on, sold his construction business to become a law enforcer at the age of 45.

During an interview with the casts, Fillion admitted that the story was influenced by a real event that happened in the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). The man who inspired the story was revealed to be Bill Norcros, who is an executive producer on The Rookie.

The comedy-drama series got an order from ABC and premiered on October 16, 2018. The show was picked up in November 2018 for a 20-episode regular season. Later on, ABC revived the drama for a second season in May 2019 and premiered on September 29, 2019. ABC released a full season order of 20 episodes for the second season in October 2019.

nathan fillion married

Has Nathan Fillion Ever Been Married?

He may have a successful career at the moment, but not so about his love life, especially in settling down.

Nathan Fillion has never married. Although he was rumored to be dating some of the finest women in the industry including Krista Allen, George Clooney’s ex-partner. He also dated Felicia Day, Perrey Reeves, and Kate Luyben. Other women that were linked to him were Christina Ochoa, Mikaela Hoover, and Vanessa Marcil, who was reportedly engaged to the versatile actor.

Does Nathan Fillion have a daughter?

While he is single and enjoying his life, he has no daughter on his own. But, he reportedly has a love child with Felicia Day, whom he dated for quite some time. Felicia Day hid her pregnancy with her daughter, Calliope, until she was born. She never spoke many details about it, especially who the father is. People speculated that Fillion could be the father of Day’s child.

What Is Nathan Fillion Famous For?

Nathan Fillion is known to be a versatile actor in many movie genres, including one of his best works, voice acting.

He gained his fame in the Castle where fans praised him for amazing acting. He also did voice acting in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Video games are also his things such as the Destiny series, Saints Row, and several video games from the Halo series.

He also won two Behind the Voice Actor Awards for the Justice League: Doom DVD Movie and Monsters University and Cars 3 which also features Nathan Fillion’s voice for animated movies.

Another promising role was on the character of Malcolm Reynolds on the TV show Firefly. He also transcends the role in Serenity where it became the best movie TV show.

Now, knowing all his flourishing career, Nathan Fillion’s reported net worth $18 million. His acting career in The Rookie contributed much of it which he has a salary of $100,00 per episode of the series.

His recent movies were Big Mouth showed in Netflix, also Henchmen, a cameo role in Modern Family, and he also showed up in the movie Nomis.

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