What is the Moringa flower used for?

Moringa flowers are very pretty looking for a tree flower.
They are bright white with a tinge of cream or yellow normally. 

What is the Moringa Oleifera flower used for in 2021?

  • Eating
  • Cooking
  • Decoration
  • Traditional Remedies

In many parts of Asia and other parts of the world the petals or flowers are considered a delicacy for consumption just like the powder is valued by product which has many uses.

While you can just munch on them, most often they are mixed with another dish. Probably the most popular is to add them to your salad both for taste and decoration.

One trick is while you are waiting for your tea (moringa or other style) put the flowers on the top of the tea while it “draws”.  They will bring a really unique flavour to your tea. 

How Long To See Flowers From A Moringa Tree

The Moringa Oleifera plant is a fast growing tree, it typically bursts into flower after approximately 8 months depending on the climate that you live in. Many consider this really amazing to see flowers so soon.  The most common for of moringa taken however is powder – see our review here. The best powder is this one.

What Do Moringa Flowers Look Like?

Moringa flowers grow to around one inch round.  Their color is typically white to white cream colour – some also have a slight yellow tinge.  You can also see from the photo below the leaves look really nice too.  One Moringa tree can help keep a whole village alive in africa. They waste nothing.  It really does have functional ingredients, it is great for breastfeeding, the common cold cures and even stir fry.

moringa flower taste

What does a moringa flower smell like?

If you do not like super sweet and strong flower smells then you will like the moringa scent.

While everybody will describe a smell slightly differently here is what the flowers smell like. It is a delicate smell that is fresh and clean. It is almost like a garden scent after the rain – I like it.

Can I eat Moringa flowers raw?

Yes you can eat them raw – but people also cook with them, press them for oil and dry them to make or decorate tea. 

The flowers can be picked any time. But for eating the younger flowers are better.

These nutritious flowers are considered very special in many many countries.

Even there are great recipes for fritters made with them

What do Moringa Flowers Taste Like?

The best description of the taste is that they are similar to mushrooms or some people’s taste buds also say they are a cross between mushrooms and asparagus. – 

How do I use Moringa flowers in Cooking?


 Is one way – you just blend them into your normal green smoothies to get all their benefits.  This is a good way to consume the flowers if you do not like the taste.


This is one of the most popular ways to use the petals as not only do you get the benefit of all the vitamins and minerals in the moringa flower – they simply look great. And if you grow your own moringa tree you will have a good supply of flowers. There is nothing more satisfying than eating healthy moringa from your own garden.

Drumstick Curries

Using the flower as a topping.

Dried Moringa Flowers

 Make an excellent hot or even a cold or iced moringa tea. To dry the flower – just place in the oven on low heat for approx 5-10 minutes.

This is just a sample of how to eat moringa buds flowers or blossoms, but the limit is really your imagination.

How to use Moringa Flowers in natural remedies?

One of the best uses of the flower is as a traditional treatment for urinary tract infections or UTI. 

Other uses I have heard is that it can help women increase the flow of milk when they are breastfeeding.

In India moringa flowers have also been used to reduce swelling and especially after an injury.

Moringa flower for fertility

Moringa Flowers are very high in nutrients and have been linked to fertility While there are no specific fertility studies many of the natural ingredients have been noted as beneficial.

Moringa flower for skin

Crushed Moringa flowers contain concentrated ingredients like retinol which is one of the potent ingredients for treating damaged skin. As of 2020 you will see many of the mainstream manufacturers are starting to add moringa to their beauty creams etc. 

Gently crushing the flowers and extracting the oil can work wonders for fine lines and crows-feet

Moringa Flower for skin lightening

Moringa does not contain specific agents that lighten the skin  – but they will help treat blemishes and pigmentation problems. You can read more in our Moringa article on stretch marks.  The best oil for stretch marks is – Therapeutic Grade.

What are the nutritional facts of the moringa flower 

For a quantity 10g of Raw Flowers it contains the following nutrients

  • Dietary Fibre 0.18g
  • Vitamin A 35 micrograms
  • Thiamine (B1) 0.02 mg
  • Riboflavin (B2) 0.05 mg
  • Vitamin C 5 mg
  • Calcium 17 mg
  • Iron 0.35 mg

Of course these can vary as it depends on the soil type and climate that the plant is grown in.

How to use moringa flowers in natural recipes?

Stepping them in an oil jar and extracting the phenolic compounds is one way.

Can a moringa flower be bad for you?

For most folks, the moringa flower has only positive properties.  However, we need to say that, even though the flower is recommended for breastfeeding, it is not recommended that women take moringa during their pregnancy.

Final words.

This is another example of the miracle tree. Essentially you can use every part of the tree for some benefit. 

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