Food Substitutions

You are cooking your favorite recipe and suddenly you release you are out of a key ingredient – maybe is capers, soy sauce, or a more exotic ingredient like Gochugaru.

What do you do – we would like to suggest coming to our food substitutions resource here and find the best alternatives and replacements.

We have compiled some of the most common ingredients used in Korean recipes that can be substituted with other ingredients.

This list includes:

– Ingredients that are commonly used in Korean cuisine but may not be available at all times

– Ingredients that might require special preparation techniques

– Ingredients that are difficult to substitute for one another

– Ingredients that are very expensive

Do you want a healthier alternative or perhaps you have a guest with an allergy?

Then see below for a full list of Recipe Ingredient Substitutions.

A food hack is a way to make something that normally takes a long time or requires a lot of ingredients into something that only takes a few minutes and uses very few ingredients. This is what makes it so great!

Hi there! I’m Jim and I love cooking but The first thing I do when I start a new recipe is to look at the ingredient list. If it has too many ingredients, and some you may not have here of – e.g cloves of star anaise? So I know it will take me a long time to get all the ingredients let alone tomake. So thats why I have done a whole series of “food substitute or altenatives” to make my life and hopefully you life easier.