Celery Stalk Substitutes

Celery Stalk Substitutes

One of the most popular vegetables known for its crunch is celery. You can use it in various dishes, such as the Buffalo Chicken Taco with a side of celery slaw. 

In French and Cajun cooking, they use celery as part of the “holy trinity” of ingredients, including onions, carrots, and bell pepper. If you cannot find any celery on hand or someone doesn’t like the taste.

See also alternatives for celery seeds in salads and coleslaw.

Substitutes For Celery

Before eating celery, remember that the raw and cooked versions’ texture and flavor are very different. Below are the substitutes that will work well in your recipe.

The following are uncooked celery stalk substitutes

Bok Choi

This vegetable is valuable for substituting for raw celery. Its crunchy texture and similar taste to celery make it a great choice.

It has a nutritious punch, and you can use it for various purposes, such as a snack or an ingredient in a salad. However, it can be a bit challenging to chop it due to its shape.

Fennel Stalks

It is an excellent replacement for the celery stalk. It has a similar shape and taste to the stem. However, it’s also more likely to be passed up in the process. It also has a slightly crunchier taste when raw.

The flavor of the fennel stalk is very different from that of celery, as it has a black licorice taste. If you’re a fan of the taste of celery, fennel might be for you. However, for those who are not, this could be an excellent replacement for your favorite.

Fennel Stalks Are A Good Celery Stick Alternative
Fennel Stalks Are A Good Celery Stick Alternative


Jicama is an excellent substitute for celery in any salad. The Mexican yam bean has a crunchy and flavorful texture, making it an ideal addition to any dish. Its sweet and nutty flavor complement makes it a perfect choice for any party.

Cooked Celery Stalk Substitutes

So many recipes rely on celery that it’s hard to imagine without it. However, you can use plenty of substitutes in place of the stalk. They’re also great if you’re craving a fresh take on classic favorites.


The cardoon looks similar to celery. It has a bunch-like structure identical to the standard celery stalk, except its leaves are slightly pointed. Although they can be mistaken for celery, the difference in flavor between them and the regular ones is noticeable.

Although they can be eaten raw, these vegetables have a bitter taste due to their nature. When cooked, they have a soft and sweet texture.

These are a great alternative to celery in many recipes. You can also use them in various other dishes, such as stew.


It is a close cousin of celery that is very popular in cooking recipes. It has the same flavor and aroma as the real thing. It’s also an excellent substitute for any vegetable.

You should only use it once it cooks through. If you plan on eating it raw, cut it extra thin. Although it’s best to avoid raw celeriac, it’s also possible to eat it raw.


Although leeks are popular as a replacement for celery in various dishes, such as soup or risotto, it’s important to note that you should cook them for a long time.

While celery can quickly become soft, leeks can take longer to become tender. To achieve the desired texture, adjust the cooking times to achieve the desired result.

Are Celery Seeds a Substitute for Sticks
Are Celery Seeds a Substitute for Sticks

Can You Replace Celery Stalks With Celery Seeds?

Wild celery seeds are for various products, such as crackers and soup. Compared to the popular supermarket variety, this seed has a more robust flavor and is very close relative to the original.

Although it’s a great idea to use the seeds of a fresh celery plant in your cooking, you shouldn’t use it as a replacement for the stalk. Doing so will leave you with a missing texture and taste.

Although celery seeds aren’t a replacement for regular celery, they can still contribute a distinct flavor to a dish.

How Many Celery Seeds to Replace Celery Stalks?

It’s hard to compare the flavor of a plant to the seasoning that comes from it. One of the most common measurements I use is 14 tsp of salt. While it’s essential to use a stalk if the recipe calls for it, it’s also best to add it slowly and taste it until your reach the desired flavor. You can also use the seeds in a pinch if you have all the ingredients.

Can You Use Celery Leaves Instead of Celery Stalks?

It’s tempting to add some of the leaves of the celery plant to your soup or salad to replace the stalk, but we would not recommend doing so. While it’s possible to add a similar taste to the soup or salad, it would be a mistake to use too much.

While it’s great to use the leaves of the celery plant in raw and cooked preparations, it’s not an excellent notion to use them as a replacement for the stalks, as they can leave a dish with an incredibly bitter taste. Instead, use them as an herb.

Is Celery Salt a Good Substitute for Celery Stalks?

If you have no fresh celery on hand, you can substitute it for salt in your recipe. It adds flavor and is an excellent alternative to regular salt. Also, since it doesn’t directly correlate with the flavor of the vegetables, it’s essential to taste the dish as you prepare it to prevent it from over-seasoning.

Although you can use salt and celery in the exact measurement, you should add the former in the same quantity. For instance, if a recipe calls for 12 cups of salt, use 1/2 cup of celery salt.

You can only experience the texture of the celery stalks, and you can still use them in a dish to add a bit of flavor and elevate it. Pairing celery with one of these substitutes (and a little Italian Seasoning) can create a great combination.

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