Caramel Sauce vs Syrup

Caramel Sauce vs Syrup

Caramel Sauce vs. Syrup: All You Need to Know

Caramel is a divine addition to any pantry. You can use it to frost a gateau, top an ice cream bowl, or spice up your iced coffee.

However, things can get a bit confusing when you try to pick between sauces and syrups.

In this article, we go over a thorough caramel sauce vs. syrup comparison in terms of preparation, packaging, uses, consistency, flavor intensity, and more!

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Caramel Sauce vs. Syrup: Overview

How can two apparently similar products be drastically different? Let’s take a quick look:

Caramel Sauce

Caramel sauce is commonly referred to as drizzle since it’s used as a topping.

To prepare a caramel sauce, you need to caramelize a solution of water and sugar before blending in butter and cream.

Commercially, it’s packaged and sold in squeezable plastic bottles.

Caramel Syrup

Unlike the caramel sauce, the syrup is much simpler in its preparation. It only needs a caramelized solution of sugar and water. Some people use a 1:1 ratio, while others favor a sweeter 2:1 blend.

Then, you mix in your caramel flavor packets and maybe a few drops of vanilla extract for an extra kick.

It’s usually packaged in tall bottles with a pump, which won’t work with the viscous caramel sauce at all.

When to Use Caramel Syrup or Sauce

Thick Caramel Sauce
Thick Caramel Sauce

While both caramel products are perfectly delicious, you might favor one over the other based on what you’ll be using it for.

With three factors to keep in mind, your decision can be made easier. Let’s see how:


The thick consistency of caramel sauce comes from the butter and cream content, and it means that it’s great for drizzle-decorating cold drinks.

Meanwhile, the syrup is thinner and dissolves much easier. So, it works well for adding a homogeneous flavor to cakes, cookies, and other baked dessert recipes.

For the top decoration, you might want to mix it with cold foam to prepare the fan-favorite sweet and sugary salted caramel whip.

As a plus, the syrup holds better against heat as opposed to the sauce, which loses consistency quickly.


If you’re comparing the richness of both products, the sauce is definitely coming on top.

Thanks to its high dairy content, it has this sweet buttery taste that contrasts nicely with coffee, especially iced ones.

Meanwhile, the caramel syrup taste varies depending on how much sugar is used in the mix.

In some cases, people like to keep the sugar content low to give it this bitter edge that complements chocolate desserts.

Vegan Caramel Sauce
Vegan Caramel Sauce

Vegan Considerations

There might be special diet considerations that you have to keep in mind. For instance, if you’re preparing something vegan, then caramel syrup is usually a safer option. That’s because it’s only made with water and sugar.

On the other hand, finding a vegan caramel sauce can be a bit challenging since it has a considerable amount of dairy.

So, look for something with a corn starch thickener as a dairy substitute.

Remember to always double-check the ingredients and labeling for any food sensitivities. It’ll help you settle the caramel sauce vs. syrup comparison.

Is Caramel Sauce and Syrup the Same

Yes, they are very similar. The main difference between them is their thickness.

However, there are also subtle differences in their composition.

First off, the syrup doesn’t contain any milk solids. This makes it more suitable for baking purposes.

Is Caramel Syrup Caramel Drizzle

The syrup contains less sugar than the drizzle. This gives it a milder sweetness, but it still packs enough punch to complement most desserts.

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