Best Worcestershire Sauce Substitutes

Worcestershire Sauce

Best Worcestershire Sauce Alternatives in 2024

Perfect for adding a tangy, umami flavor to your dishes, Worcestershire sauce is a beloved fermented condiment made from a mixture of molasses, garlic, onions, tamarind, anchovies, and seasonings like cloves or pepper—depending on the brand or who made the concoctions. 

Worcestershire Sauce is used as a substitute or addition to many recipes or can amp up your dish in the best possible ways: adding to broths, stocks, chowders, and pot pies braising liquids like red wine, splashing on vegetables, and even works in a vinaigrette or as salad dressings. 

If you’re running out of this condiment or you seek a different culinary experience in your dishes, you might want to substitute worcestershire for soy sauce, fish sauce, balsamic vinegar, marmite, and anchovy paste, miso paste, oyster sauce, and coconut aminos. 

Soy Sauce

If you’re a seasoned cook in the kitchen, chances are you probably already have a bottle or two of soy sauce available. Soy sauce is a cousin to Worcestershire sauce, with the same consistency and solubility, making it the best go-to substitute. 

There are a variety of dishes you can make with soy sauce. It’s commonly used in dumplings, teriyaki chicken, stir-fried noodles, and baby back ribs. 

Mix And Match Soy Sauce 

Soy sauce can be interchanged easily for Worcestershire in a recipe so you can use it in the same amount. You can also mix and match it with the following ingredients to better replicate the tangy, umami flavor of Worcestershire:

  • Apple juice
  • Ketchup
  • Sugar 
  • Apple cider vinegar and red pepper flakes
  • Lemon juice and hot sauce
Soy Sauces Is A Good Alternative in Stir Fries
Soy Sauces Is A Good Alternative when making Stir-Fries

Fish Sauce

Fish sauce shares anchovies as a key ingredient with Worcestershire sauce and it is also created through fermentation. It also has a similar umami flavor that is slightly salty and briny. 

The best ways of using fish sauce can be for adding to meaty dishes such as burgers and loaves, brushing over a mixture of chicken and pork just before grilling or roasting, stir into dips and sauces such as marinara or guacamole, whisking into salads and soups, and even tossing it in vegetables before stir-frying. 

Mix And Match Fish Sauce 

You can use fish sauce in the same ratio as Worcestershire sauce in your dishes. But you can try blending it with the following to obtain interesting results:

  • Tamarind concentrate
  • Salt and red vinegar
  • Soy sauce and brown sugar
  • Honey and vinegar

Balsamic Vinegar

With its versatility and complex taste that can deliver just the perfect blend of acidity and sweetness, balsamic vinegar works great as a substitute for Worcestershire sauce. 

Balsamic vinegar is mainly used in adding a fresh earthy flavor to salad dressings and vegetable mixes, but it can also be used in soup broths, gourmet marinades, and dipping sauces due to its thick consistency.

Mix And Match Balsamic Vinegar

It is recommended to mix the following into balsamic vinegar to mimic the taste of Worcestershire sauce or if you want a whole new level of experience:

  • Tamarind paste or concentrate
  • Hot sauce
  • Onion powder, garlic powder, anchovy paste, and soy

Miso Paste

Do you want as much umami flavor but with slightly sweet, savory, and toasty undertones? You can use miso paste as a substitute for Worcestershire sauce for your favorite Japanese dishes. It works for other cuisines too!

Miso Paste For Soup Substitute
Miso Paste For Soup Substitute

Miso paste is perfect as a key ingredient in ramen broths, sauces for steaks, and marinades. It also adds a funky twist to your vegetarian stews and soups, stir-fries, and salad dressings. Miso paste can give off a creamy cloudiness which is not recommended in making cocktails, vinaigrettes, and garnishes. 

Mix And Match Miso Paste

Miso paste is best mixed with hot water but If you want it to taste more like Worcestershire sauce, you can mix it with the following:

  • Any vinegar of your choice
  • Molasses
  • Sugar
  • Fish sauce

Anchovy Paste

Made from a blend of ground anchovies, spices, vinegar, and a bit of sugar and water, anchovy paste has a pungent fishy taste but is savory and packed with umami. 

Add only a small amount of anchovy paste in your salad dressings, bagels, sandwiches, steaks, roasted chickens, dips, and salsa verdes to not overbalance your recipe. You’d be surprised that anchovy paste can make good umami popcorn too!

Mix And Match Anchovy Paste

Anchovy paste is best mixed with water to help balance the salty taste and bring out its tanginess. It already tastes like Worcestershire sauce that way but you can take a step further by blending it with the following ingredients:

  • Olive oil
  • Lemon juice
  • Garlic


With a mix of salty, savory, and slightly bitter flavors, marmite is considered a British condiment made from yeast extract, vegetables, and spices which gives it a delectable umami taste. 

Marmite is great for stews, onion soups, chicken roasts, good ol’ fashion toast, and even for chocolate brownies when you’re feeling creative. Due to its particularly strong and unique flavor, it’s best to keep it out of drinks, garnishes, and sauces. 

Mix And Match Marmite

A little amount of marmite alone is enough to stand in for Worcestershire sauce. However, to make it more exact and also to help it dilute better in your recipes, you can mix it with the following:

  • Lemon juice and hot water
  • Soy sauce and hot water
  • Butter

Liquid Smoke

If you don’t want the painstaking method of mixing and matching, you can always go for liquid smoke as a substitute for Worcestershire sauce. Simply add it to your dishes according to your preferences and make sure not to add too much as it can potentially overpower your dish. 

Liquid smoke is made from water, vinegar, natural hickory, salt, and caramel color. The finished product is a savory and smoky flavor that’s similar to Worcestershire sauce. 

You can use liquid smoke for barbecues and a variety of beef, pork, shrimp, chicken, and vegetarian dishes. Add a drop or two in salad dressings, baked beans, chilis, and chilled soups. The possibilities are nearly endless with this one! Best of all, you get to decide how much you want to put in. 

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