Best Substitutes for Honey

Best Substitutes for Honey

Best Substitutes for Honey

Aside from being sweet nectar, honey is famous for its various characteristics. It’s commonly regarded as a healthier alternative to sugar when baking. Also, honey is less refined, and it’s believed to be more natural.

Although it’s an alternative to sugar, honey is not ideal for vegan diets. It comes from bees, which are responsible for most of the damage caused by the farming process. To avoid harmful effects, always purchase organic or locally sourced honey.

Sometimes, we need a good alternative to honey for a recipe we’re craving. There are several excellent honey substitutes, but they aren’t all that suitable for the job.

Maple Syrup

One of the most common reasons people replace honey with maple syrup is its consistency and texture. But also when needing a little more nutty taste, use palm sugar. It’s also a great alternative to honey for making various types of pancakes and other sweet treats.

For baking, you can use maple syrup to replace honey. It’s already a liquid, so you can use it with a 1:1 ratio to make a vegan honey substitute. It is also an excellent alternative to honey.


Molasses comes from sugar, but it goes through breaking down the remaining sweetness in it. It makes it a popular choice for those craving a bit of sweetness but less sugar. You can use dark or light molasses but avoid blackstrap molasses.

Although molasses have a distinct flavor, they are commonly used in baking to add a rich and sweet flavor to your favorite products. You can easily swap out the parts of molasses for honey in your favorite recipes.

Brown Sugar Rich In Taste
Brown Sugar Rich In Taste

Brown Sugar

If you’re about to start making cakes, you’ll probably need to go for something sweet instead of honey. Brown sugar and white sugar are both suitable substitutes.

Although most of us have a bag of sugar in our cupboards, it’s not always easy to replace honey with white sugar in baking. To learn how to make a simple honey substitute, first consider that it’s not liquid.

Brown sugar is an excellent replacement in place of honey in recipes. To make a more effective substitute, sauté the sugar in a pan with a bit of water. After a while, you’ll end up with a sticky, gelatin-like substance. To get the best results, add 3 cups of sugar to the water.

If you’re using other substitutes such as corn syrup or maple syrup, you can add some sugar to make these taste better.

Light Corn Syrup

Aside from making sweet treats such as candies and syrups, you can also use corn syrup in place of honey in recipes. This natural ingredient can be used in place of honey when you run out of honey.

Honey and corn syrup are similar in taste and texture. However, honey’s complex flavor profile is not available in corn syrup.

Aside from being a more potent ingredient, corn syrup also has a more robust sugar flavor than honey. It makes it ideal for baking goods that are typically sweet.

Dark corn syrup is also an excellent alternative to light corn syrup. This natural ingredient has a richer and more complex flavor, giving your recipes a more distinct and rich flavor.

Golden Syrup - very similar to honey texture
Golden Syrup – very similar to honey texture

Golden Syrup

If you are searching for a honey replacement that looks and tastes like honey, then golden syrup might be for you. However, if you need something natural, skip this step. Golden syrup originates from refined sugar.

Golden syrup is similar to honey in its color and taste. It’s a great alternative to honey for most recipes as it has the same sweet and golden flavor. However, it lacks the distinct flavor of honey. If you’re looking for a more rich taste, look into other types of syrup, such as rice malt or maple syrup.

Rice Malt Syrup

This simple substitution may not be something you have heard of, but if you are looking for an easy way to keep it in your pantry, consider using rice malt syrup. Although it is not available in your local grocery store, you can order it online or at a health food store.

Unlike most other types of syrup, rice malt doesn’t contain added sugar. It is an excellent substitute for honey in baking and other recipes. Its consistency and taste are similar to honey.

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